Calendly + Salesforce


This article serves as a central hub for the Calendly + Salesforce integration. It's designed to help you navigate and maximize the Calendly integration. Explore how to get started, customize Calendly's Salesforce flow, and much more, transforming your approach to CRM.


Calendly + Salesforce


Create events

Create events or tasks on any Salesforce object once a meeting is scheduled.

Map to custom objects

Map information gathered in the booking flow to Salesforce as a custom object to expedite qualifying your leads.

Route by Salesforce ownership

Automatically look up, match, and schedule known leads and customers without manual reassignment.

Never leave Salesforce

Schedule Calendly meetings for your team without leaving Salesforce, and view your upcoming and past meetings from your activites.



calendly_shapes19.png Integrating Calendly with Salesforce

This section provides essential resources to get started with the Calendly + Salesforce integration. From integration steps to insights about the Calendly Salesforce package, you'll find it all here.

Article Description
Integrating Calendly with Salesforce 

Essential steps to begin your journey with Calendly and Salesforce, including installing the Calendly package in Salesforce.

Calendly Salesforce package v2 post-install steps

Key steps to follow after installing the Calendly Salesforce package version 2.

How to install the Calendly package in your Salesforce sandbox environment

Steps for installing the Calendly package in a Salesforce sandbox for testing purposes.

Default behavior of the Salesforce package

Explore the standard functionalities of the Salesforce integration.

Upgrade your Calendly Salesforce package from version 1 to version 2

Steps to upgrade your Calendly integration to the latest Salesforce package version.

Salesforce integration by group

Steps to limit your Salesforce integration to specific user groups.

How to change the authenticated user for your Salesforce account

Instructions for changing the authenticated user linked to your Salesforce account.

Salesforce package release notes

Updates and changes in different versions of the Calendly Salesforce package.

Calendly Salesforce package version 2 components

Explore the components of the latest Calendly Salesforce package.

calendly_shapes40__3_.png Customizing Calendly's Salesforce flow

Utilize the resources in this section to help you customize Calendly's Salesforce flow to meet your unique business needs.

What you create: Creating specific Salesforce records and tasks in response to Calendly events.

Article  Description
Create a contact, opportunity, or other object record instead of a lead in Salesforce

Customize Salesforce to create specific record types from Calendly events.

Create a task or case in Salesforce Learn how to generate tasks or cases in Salesforce based on Calendly scheduling.


What you update: Updating Salesforce records to reflect changes and responses from Calendly events.

Article  Description
Update a record in Salesforce with responses from the Calendly booking flow

Learn how to update Salesforce records with information from Calendly scheduled events, ensuring existing records like contacts reflect the most recent event details.

Update the Salesforce lead owner to match the event owner

Ensure Salesforce lead ownership reflects the assigned event owner from Calendly.

Delete an event record in Salesforce when a Calendly event is canceled or rescheduled

Discover how to adjust your Salesforce CancelEvent flow to automatically delete records of canceled or rescheduled Calendly events.

Update Salesforce users with managed event links

Learn how to use managed event links instead of profile links in your Salesforce automations.


When the flow runs: Controlling when and how the Calendly-Salesforce integration operates.

Article  Description
Filter the Salesforce flow to run on certain conditions

Set specific conditions for when Calendly's Salesforce flow should operate.

Delay the sync between Calendly and Salesforce

Control the timing of data synchronization between Calendly and Salesforce.


How data is mapped: Customizing how data from Calendly is mapped and categorized in Salesforce. 

Article  Description
Choose how to map Calendly data to Salesforce fields

Customize the mapping of Calendly data to specific Salesforce fields.

Automatically categorize your Calendly events in Salesforce

Customize your Salesforce flow to automatically categorize your Calendly events within Salesforce.

Include the rescheduled status on your Salesforce event

Track and display rescheduling status in Salesforce events.


Who owns the record: Assigning and updating record ownership in Salesforce based on Calendly interactions.

Article  Description
Update the Salesforce lead owner to match the event owner Ensure Salesforce lead ownership reflects the assigned event owner from Calendly.
Assign leads to a specific Salesforce user

Steps on configuring Salesforce to assign lead ownership based on email matches between Calendly users and Salesforce records.

calendly_shapes23.png Team scheduling in Salesforce with Calendly

The resources found in this section will help improve your team's efficiency and workflows in Salesforce. From syncing additional guests and hosts information to scheduling Calendly meetings without leaving Salesforce, you'll find it all here.

Article  Description
Schedule Calendly meetings directly from Salesforce

Facilitate direct scheduling of Calendly meetings for your team within their Salesforce environment.

Syncing Calendly links to Salesforce 

Send your teams Calendly scheduling links to Salesforce for easy access.

Syncing additional guests and hosts to Salesforce Steps for including additional guests and hosts details in Salesforce, facilitating team event management.
Dynamically referencing Calendly links in Salesforce email templates and buttons

Use merge fields to dynamically reference the right person's Calendly link in Salesforce automations/email templates, automations/email templates in other tools that integrate into Salesforce, and even scheduling buttons.

Giving credit to the Salesforce user who shares your booking link

Steps to include UTM source parameters and dynamic variables in Salesforce booking links for precise attribution of bookings to the sharing user.

Assign leads to a specific Salesforce user Steps on configuring Salesforce to assign lead ownership based on email matches between Calendly users and Salesforce records.

calendly_shapes19.png Calendly Routing and Salesforce

Connect prospects and customers to the right team member using Calendly routing forms, while sending and storing form responses in Salesforce, automating creating/updating Salesforce records. For users on our Enterprise plan, use Salesforce lookup to dynamically route to the appropriate account, contact, lead, or opportunity owner, ensuring every prospect and customer is matched with the right representative for their needs.

Article  Description
Set up routing with Salesforce lookup

Instructions on how to set up routing with Salesforce lookup.

Troubleshooting when routing with Salesforce lookup

Common troubleshooting steps for Calendly's Routing with Salesforce lookup.

Routing with Salesforce lookup FAQs

Common questions and answers related to Calendly Routing with Salesforce lookup.

Routing with Salesforce lookup: scenarios and solutions

Explore various scenarios and solutions when routing with Salesforce lookup. 

Syncing Calendly routing form responses to Salesforce

Guide to send and store responses from Calendly routing forms to Salesforce.

Mapping Routing Form responses to a lead record in Salesforce

Steps for mapping Calendly routing form responses to Salesforce leads for better data management.


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