Create a task or case in Salesforce


By default, the flow will create an event record whenever a meeting is scheduled. However, you can modify the Create Record: Create Event element to create a task or case in addition to an event. 

How to create a task or case in Salesforce

Version 2 Version 1.11

Step 1: Locate your flow

  1. In Salesforce Setup, search for Flows. Select Flows.
    • If you haven't customized the CreateEventTemplate before, you'll need to create a new flow based on the template. To do so, you can open the CreateEventTemplate, customize it directly, then Save as. Saving it will create a new flow. You can call the new flow something like "CreateEvent."
    • If you've already customized the CreateEventTemplate flow, then open your customized flow.

Step 2: Add a Create Records element to your flow

  1. From the Toolbox on the left-hand side, under Data, drag a Create Records element to the flow, and drop it to the right of the Create Records: Create Event element.
  2. Under New Create Records, at Label, enter Create Task (or Create Case).
  3. At How to Set the Record Fields, select Use separate resources, and literal values.
  4. At Create a Record of This Object, under Object, enter Task (or Case).
  5. At Set Field Values for the Task:
    • At Field, enter Subject
    • At Value, select Calendly__CalendlyAction__c, then select Event Subject.
  6. Check the box Manually assign variables.
  7. Under Store Task ID in Variable, at Variable, select WhoRecordId.
  8. Select Done.

Step 3: Connect the elements

  1. Within the flow, connect the Create Records: Create Event element to the new Create Records: Create Task (or Create Case) element.
    SF New flow image.png

Step 4: Save and activate your flow

  1. To save the flow, select Save. Select Save As to save the modified version of the flow.
  2. To activate the flow, select ActivateNote: you will also need to deactivate the CreateEventTemplate, so you don’t have duplicate events in Salesforce.