Report Abuse to Calendly

Calendly helps millions of people schedule meetings. Occasionally, someone may use the Calendly platform for malicious purposes, like spamming, phishing, or unacceptable behavior, as outlined below.

Types of Abuse

Someone is sending spam or unsolicited emails through their Calendly account.

Suspicious/unrecognized links
Someone is using their Calendly account to send emails that contain phishing, malicious links, or place suspicious links on their Calendly booking page.

Illegal activity
Someone is promoting hate, violence, or fraudulent/illegal activities.

Someone is using a false identity on their Calendly account to deceive others or achieve personal gain.

What you can do

We take abuse seriously and actively work to prevent it. If you suspect someone is using Calendly for malicious purposes, please complete the following steps to help us with the investigation:

  • Select the Report Abuse button below to open our abuse reporting form, follow the prompts, and report as much information as possible.
  • Forward abusive emails to

Our team will review your report and take appropriate action. If we need more information, someone may reach out to you.

Report Abuse