Delete an event record in Salesforce when a Calendly event is canceled or rescheduled

By default, a canceled or rescheduled Calendly event is not deleted from your Salesforce calendar. Instead, the Salesforce flow updates the existing event title and description with the word Canceled.

However, if you no longer want the event in Salesforce, you can modify your CancelEvent flow to automatically delete an event record by completing the steps below.

  1. In Salesforce Setup, search for Flows. Select Flows.

  2. Open your CancelEventTemplate flow or, if you’ve already modified this template, open your current active version of the CancelEvent flow.
    NOTE: If you’re using the Salesforce v1.11 package, you’ll want to modify the CancelEvent flow. You can see which version of the package you’re using on your Salesforce Integration page.

  3. Delete the UpdateEvent element at the end of the flow.

  4. From the Toolbox on the left-hand side, under Data, drag a Delete Records element to the flow, and drop it at the end of the flow, where the previous UpdateEvent element was.

  5. Drag the connectors from the last two Decision elements to this new Delete element.connector_to_delete.png

  6. Double-click the Delete Records element to set it up as follows:

    Salesforce field Selection
    How to Find Records to Delete Specify Conditions
    Object Event
    Field Id
    Operator Equals
    Value EventRecordId

  7. Click Save As at the top of the flow.
  8. Give the flow a new label and optional description:

    • Under Flow Label, enter something like “CancelEvent - DeleteEvent.”

    • Under Description, you can write something like “CancelEvent flow modified to Delete event record.”

  9. Select Activate to activate this flow.
  10. Be sure to Deactivate the original CancelEventTemplate flow.

End results

Your list of All Flows should show that your customized flow is active and the CancelEventTemplate is deactivated.


You can test to see if your new flow is working by scheduling an event and viewing the event on your Salesforce Calendar. Then, within your Calendly account, you can cancel the test event. In your Salesforce Calendar, check that the event has been removed.