Syncing additional guests and hosts to Salesforce


Calendly automatically syncs scheduled event guest and co-host to Salesforce. This ensures that the event record in Salesforce accurately reflects all attendees, providing a comprehensive view of each event. With this capability, managing your events and maintaining updated records becomes more efficient, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—engaging with your attendees.

How it works 

When a meeting is scheduled or canceled, Calendly sends meeting data to Salesforce. After Salesforce creates a new CalendlyAction event record, the CreateEventTemplate flow will add additional attendees to the event if the event has guests and/or co-hosts using the Get Event Attendee Template and Create Event Template flows. The default behavior of this flow is the following:

  • Searches for a matching lead or contact based on the guest email address provided in the Calendly form response. If a matching lead or contact is found, then that lead/contact record is added as an event attendee.

  • Searches for a matching Salesforce user based on the co-host email address (if it is a collective event). If a matching user is found, then that Salesforce user record is added as an event attendee.

Note: This process is the default flow, but the Get Event Attendee Template and Create Event Template flows can be customized to use different custom objects. 

Set up 

Note: Syncing additional guests and hosts to Salesforce functionality is included in package version 2.5 or higher. If you are unsure of what version you currently use, visit your Salesforce integrations page to confirm your version.

Setup steps
  1. Follow the setup instructions for the version 2.5 Salesforce package. 
  2. Create a copy of the CreateEventTemplate flow template and set the copy to active.  
    1. From your Salesforce Flows list, select the CreateEventTemplate flow template.
    2. Select Save As in the top right-hand corner. 
    3. Name the flow by creating a Flow Label
    4. Select Save
    5. Navigate back to the Salesforce Flows list. 
    6. Select the newly saved/created flow. 
    7. Activate the flow by selecting Activate in the top-right hand corner.

  3. By default, Salesforce does not include the Attendees field on the Event page layout. The steps listed below will allow you to add the Attendees field to the Event object's page layout.
    1. Click on the App Launcher (Grid icon) on the top left of your Salesforce page and type Object Manager in the search bar, then select it.

    2. In the Object Manager, search for and select the Event object.

    3. Select Page Layouts in the left-hand sidebar.

    4. In the list of layouts, find the layout that you want to modify and select Edit next to it.

    5. In the layout editor, look for the Fields section in the palette at the top of the page.

    6. Find the Attendees field in the list and drag it into the desired section of the layout.

    7. After you've positioned the field, select Save.

      CleanShot 2023-07-28 at 13.38.50.gif

  4. To view a scheduled event and its attendees list in Salesforce:
      1. From your Salesforce homepage, locate the global search bar at the top of the page. Type in the name of the contact and select it from the dropdown menu.

      2. From the contact's page, find and select the Activity section or tab to view all related activities.

      3. Browse the activity list and locate the event you're interested in. The list should provide a summary of each activity. Select the title or the View Details link of the event to access the full record.

      4. In the event's full record, you should see the Attendees field, provided it's been added to the page layout. This field will display all the attendees for that particular event.

        CleanShot 2023-07-28 at 11.24.13@2x.png