Salesforce integration by group

By default, your Salesforce integration will automatically be applied to your entire organization. However, if you are currently using groups within Calendly, you can limit your Salesforce integration to specific groups. This way, you can control how much data is being sent to your Salesforce instance.

What are groups?

Calendly groups allow owners and admins to organize users by things like department, geographical regions, or other distinctions. This can also be connected to your SCIM provisioning, so any new users will automatically be put into the appropriate group.

Groups can have their own managed events, analytics, and even their own group admin.

What data will be sent to Salesforce?

Calendly will send the event data for all applicable users and their booking links. For more information on the data being sent to salesforce, check this article.

How to limit Salesforce by group

From your Calendly home page:

  1. Select Integrations.

  2. Select your Salesforce integration.

    Find Calendly Salesforce integration .gif

  3. Check the box Apply integration to specific groups.

  4. From the drop-down, select which groups you want to include in the integration.

    1. You can add and remove groups at any time from this menu.

  5. Then select Save.

Now only the selected group’s activity will be sent to Salesforce!


If you have not set up your Salesforce integration, you can do the above steps before connecting Salesforce to Calendly. For information connecting Salesforce and Calendly, see How to install the Calendly package in Salesforce.