Filter the Salesforce flow to run on certain conditions

Example use case

You've connected Salesforce to your Calendly account. You want to sync event data for your Sales team to Salesforce, but you don't want to sync event data for users outside of Sales. In this case, you can modify your Salesforce flow to only run for certain event types or users. 

Editing the flow vs. the process

Your setup will differ slightly depending on your package version. For version 2, you'll edit the flow directly. For version 1.11, you'll use the Process Builder. Your Salesforce Integration page will tell you what package you're using. 

Version 2 Version 1.11

How to adjust the flow to run for certain events or users

  1. In Salesforce Setup, search for Flows. Select Flows.
    • If you haven't customized the CreateEventTemplate before, you'll need to create a new flow based on the template. To do so, you can open the CreateEventTemplate, customize it directly, then Save as. Saving it will create a new flow. You can call the new flow something like "CreateEvent."
    • If you've already customized the CreateEventTemplate flow, then open your customized flow.
  2. In the beginning part of the flow, locate Object: CalendlyAction, and select Edit.
  3. Under Condition Requirements, select the conditional logic you'd like the flow to follow (All Conditions are Met (ALL), Any Condition is Met (OR), or Custom Condition Logic is Met).
  4. Under Field, select Calendly__EventTypeName__c or Calendly__EventPrimaryPublisherEmail__c,  depending on if you want to filter the flow by Calendly event type or by user. 
  5. Under Field value, enter the event type name exactly as it appears in Calendly, or the Calendly user's email, depending on what field you selected in the previous step. 
  6. Select Done.
  7. To save your customized flow, select Save
  8. To activate your customized flow, select Activate. Note: you will also need to deactivate the CreateEventTemplate, so you don’t have duplicate events in Salesforce.