Include the rescheduled status on your Salesforce event


Calendly can automatically push the reschedule status of an event to Salesforce. However, if you'd like the rescheduled event status to show on your Salesforce event, you will need to modify what information is included on your page view. Follow these steps to display the IsRescheduled field on the event record, as shown in the image below.

NOTE: Rescheduled details are not available for v1.11 Salesforce package. To see which version you're using, view your Salesforce Integration page. 


How to display the is_rescheduled field on the event record

  1. From Setup, navigate to Object Manager.
  2. Select Event.
  3. Select Page Layouts.
  4. Select the Event Layout page you wish to modify.
  5. From the Fields section in the layout properties, find Is Rescheduled
  6. Drag Is Rescheduled to your desired page section.
  7. Select Save.