Give credit to the Salesforce user who shares your booking link


You can follow the steps in this article to include UTM source parameters and dynamic variables on your booking link in Salesforce. That way, when someone shares your link on your behalf, the source of the booking will be attributed to the Salesforce user.

Example use case

As a sales development rep, you may want to send a link on behalf of an account executive, and receive credit for the booking.

How to give credit to the Salesforce user who shares your link

  1. To schedule a meeting from Salesforce, or to send your booking link from Salesforce, follow the steps for your Salesforce version in Schedule Calendly meetings directly from Salesforce.
  2. When you reach the step to input code in the editor box, prepend utm_source= to your booking link, followed by the dynamic variables for the Salesforce user’s email or user ID, depending on your preference. For example, the link with the UTM parameters and dynamic variables will look something like this, depending on your setup.
  3. Replace ADD_YOUR_LINK with your Calendly booking link.

After you've added UTM parameters 

The user email or user ID will be included as the UTM source associated with your scheduled events. You can modify your Salesforce flow to map this value to a field where you'd like to attribute the meeting source, or the flow can look up the user associated with the email or ID before mapping it to your preferred field.