How to install the Calendly package in your Salesforce sandbox environment


You can use your Salesforce sandbox environment to test, customize, and finalize changes to your Calendly package without affecting your Salesforce production organization.

Once you connect your sandbox account and install the Calendly package, you can test your Calendly flows by scheduling and canceling Calendly events. When you’re happy with your setup, you can disconnect your sandbox and integrate your production organization.


To use a sandbox environment, you must have…

  • a Teams or Enterprise Calendly account with owner or admin permissions

  • a Salesforce Enterprise edition or higher with admin privileges

These requirements are the same for a Salesforce production org.

How to install the package in your Salesforce sandbox environment

If you don’t have a Salesforce production org connected to Calendly…

  1. In Calendly, go to Integrations and select Salesforce.

  2. Select Test this integration with Salesforce Sandbox.

  3. Log in to sandbox with your Salesforce sandbox credentials. Note: your sandbox username is your Salesforce username with .sandbox_name appended. For example, Salesforce's Create a Sandbox has more details on how to access your sandbox. 
  4. Select allow access.

  5. Select Install the Calendly package, and select Install for All Users. Select done.

  6. Once the package is installed, return to Calendly and select Refresh page. Refreshing the page will finalize the connection. If you don’t refresh, your sandbox environment will not update when you schedule events through Calendly.

If you’ve already connected your Salesforce production org to Calendly

You cannot have a sandbox and production org connected at the same time. If you’ve already connected a production org to Calendly, you can disconnect your production org and then follow the steps in the section above.

How to move from a Salesforce sandbox to production

  1. Go to Integrations, Salesforce, then select disconnect.

  2. Select Integrate Now. Follow the steps under Installation to complete setup. Note: since you are installing the Calendly package into production, you will want to migrate or replicate any configurations you made in sandbox to production.