Syncing Calendly links to Salesforce


Calendly sends profile and managed event links to Salesforce and maps the link to the correct Salesforce user. This enables merge fields for sharing the right person's or event link in Salesforce automations/email templates or automations/email templates in other tools that integrate into Salesforce (i.e. Marketo, Outreach, etc). 

To learn more about managed events, check out this Help Center article: An overview of managed events

How it works 

In Salesforce, Calendly will create a CalendlyLink record for every link we send. Once a record for a specific user's link is created, Calendly will update that record on the next hourly sync if necessary. 

When the CalendlyLink record is created or updated for a profile link, this triggers the MapCalendlyLinkTemplate flow. This flow looks for matching users between Calendly and Salesforce by email address. As long as a match for an active user is found, the flow will then store the link in the Calendly Link field on the matching user record.

This process is the default flow, but the flow can be customized to sync managed event links. For additional information on how to customize the flow, check out this Help Center article: Update Salesforce users with managed event links

NOTE: The Calendly Link field is a text field and the value of the link includes the protocol (https://).


Set up 

Note: Syncing Calendly links to Salesforce functionality is included in package version 2.3 or higher. If you are unsure of what version you currently use, visit your Salesforce integrations page to confirm your version.

Setup steps
  1. Follow the setup instructions for the version 2.3 Salesforce package. 
    • If you are currently using our unmanaged Salesforce package version (v1) and would like to migrate to our managed Salesforce package (v2), check out this Help Center article for additional information on how to upgrade: Upgrade your Calendly Salesforce package from version 1 to version 2
    • If you are currently using our managed package version (v2 or higher), you can upgrade to the current version by visiting your Salesforce integrations page and selecting the banner to upgrade.  
  2. Create a copy of the MapUserCalendlyLinkTemplate flow template and set the copy to active.  
    1. From your Salesforce Flows list, select the MapUserCalendlyLinkTemplate flow template.
    2. Select Save As in the top right-hand corner. 
    3. Name the flow by creating a Flow Label
    4. Select Save
    5. Navigate back to the Salesforce Flows list. 
    6. Select the newly saved/created flow. 
    7. Activate the flow by selecting Activate in the top-right hand corner.

  3. Go to the Salesforce integrations page and select the Sync button to trigger the new active flow.




Calendly will sync all profile and managed event links for all of the users in the organization either: 

Note: When there is a sync in progress, the Sync button is disabled to prevent disruption in the syncing process.