Update a record in Salesforce with responses from the Calendly booking flow


By default, the flow will match an existing invitee to an existing record. However, it will not update the record with information from the scheduled event. You can follow these steps to update information about an existing record, such as a contact.

To read more about default flow behavior, view Default behavior of the Salesforce package.

Example Use Case

You may want to update a contact with the phone number an invitee included on the Calendly booking form.

How to update a contact in Salesforce

Note: These steps are for updating a contact. However, you can modify them to update the record of your choice. If you're unsure what version you currently use, visit your Salesforce integrations page to confirm your version. 

Version 2.5 Version 2 Version 1.1

Step 1: Locate your flow

  1. In Salesforce Setup, search for Flows. Select Flows.
    • If you haven't customized the CreateEventTemplate before, you'll need to create a new flow based on the template. To do so, you can open the CreateEventTemplate, customize it directly, then Save as. Saving it will create a new flow. You can call the new flow something like "CreateEvent."
    • If you've already customized the CreateEventTemplate flow, then open your customized flow.

Step 2: Add a Decision element to your flow

  1. From the Toolbox on the left-hand side, under Data, drag a Decision element to the flow, and drop it next to the Subflow: Get Event Attendee Template element.
  2. Under Edit Decision, at Label, enter Is Contact?
  3. Under Outcome Details, at Label, enter Contact Email Match
  4. Under Condition Requirements to Execute Outcome, keep All Conditions Are Met (AND)
    • At Resource, enter WhoRecordId
    • Operator, enter Starts With
    • Value, enter 003
  5. Select Done.

Step 3: Add an Update Records element to your flow

  1. From the Toolbox on the left-hand side, under Data, drag an Update Records element to the flow, and drop it next to the Decision: Contact Matched? element.
  2. Under New Update Records, at Label, enter Update Contact
  3. At How to Find Records to Update and Set Their Values, select Specify conditions to identify records, and set fields individually.
  4. Under Update Records of This Object Type, at Object, select Contact.
  5. Under Filter Contact Records, select Conditions are Met. 
  6. For the condition:
    • At Field, enter ContactId
    • At Operator, enter Equals
    • At Value, enter WhoRecordId
  7. Under Fields Values for the Contact Records, include the fields and value you want to update with Calendly information. For example, if your first question on your Calendly booking form is the invitee's phone number:
    • At Field, enter Phone
    • At Value, select Calendly__CalendlyAction__c, then select CustomResponse1
  8. Select Done.

Step 4: Connect the elements

  1. Within the flow, delete the connector between the Decision: Contact Matched? and Get Records: Find Publisher elements.
  2. Connect the Decision: Contact Matched? element to the new Update Records: Update Contact element.
  3. Connect the Decision: Is Contact? element to Update Records: Update Contact element.
  4. Connect the Update Records: Update Contact element to the Get Records: Find Publisher element.
  5. Connect the Default outcome from Decision: Is Contact? To Get Records: Find Publisher element.
    CleanShot 2023-09-08 at 14.24.24.gif

Step 5: Save and activate your flow

  1. To save the flow, select Save. Select Save As to save the modified version of the flow. To activate the flow, select Activate