Delay the sync between Calendly and Salesforce


You can delay the sync between Calendly and Salesforce, to focus on other tasks that must take place before the flow runs.

Example use case

Your team uses Salesforce, but you also have a workflow set up in another sales tool. Once someone books, you want the workflow in that tool to run before the flow in Salesforce runs. You can delay your flow in Salesforce, so that the flow only runs when you want it to. 

Editing the flow vs. the process

Your setup will differ slightly depending on your package version. For version 2, you'll edit the flow directly. For version 1.11, you'll use the Process Builder. Your Salesforce Integration page will tell you what version you're using. 

How to delay the sync between Calendly and Salesforce

Version 2 Version 1.11

To delay the sync between Calendly and Salesforce, modify the start of CreateEventTemplate flow. 

  1. In Salesforce Setup, search for Flows. Select Flows.
    • If you haven't customized the CreateEventTemplate before, you'll need to create a new flow based on the template. To do so, you can open the CreateEventTemplate, customize it directly, then Save as. Saving it will create a new flow. You can call the new flow something like "CreateEvent."
    • If you've already customized the CreateEventTemplate flow, then open your customized flow.
  2. In the beginning part of the flow, select + Add Scheduled Paths (Optional)
  3. Under New Scheduled Path, configure your path based on when you'd like it to run. For example, you can set the flow to run 5 hours after someone schedules.
  4. Select Done
  5. To save your customized flow, select Save
  6. To activate your customized flow, select Activate. Note: you will also need to deactivate the CreateEventTemplate, so you don’t have duplicate events in Salesforce.