Calendly for Administrators

Calendly’s advanced scheduling features are designed to empower your organization to work faster and more efficiently, making it the ideal scheduling automation platform to add to your tech stack. As a Calendly admin, you may have questions about installing and effectively using this powerful tool. Continue reading to explore this comprehensive guide on maximizing Calendly for your organization. 

Key Questions

  • Does Calendly have organization-level features? 

  • Can my entire team benefit from using Calendly? 

  • Will Calendly integrate into the rest of my tech stack?

Here's the great thing about all these questions: the answer is "Yes!"

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Need support? We've got you covered!

Calendly Standard Support is included in every paid subscription. However, only owners and authorized admins from your company can make certain account requests. You can contact support by logging in to Calendly  and navigate to the Help section at the top right-hand side of the navigation bar. From there, users can:

  • Select Chat with us and start a conversation with our Support team

  • Or choose Help Center and browse our collection of knowledge base articles

Need setup help? Get in touch with us here!

calendly_shapes19.png Manage your Calendly organization

Having your team in a Calendly organization makes it easy to manage everything at once. You can create consistent communications across your users, regardless of the event booked. Want to bring in your company brand and colors? Customize your booking pages and embeds to match your organization. Plus, with our analytics activity log, you can keep track of your company's usage and who is doing what. This ensures everyone is getting the most out of your account.

Best Practices Resources

Track usage and audit activity: View and customize reports of your organization’s Calendly usage. Monitor common Calendly activity from your activity log to get a full view of your organization, or get insight into usage metrics through event and user data with Calendly analytics. Track user onboarding actions with the admin dashboard. If the need ever arises, you can also delete personal data from Calendly.

Add company branding to all pages: It’s important your organization’s booking pages look consistent to familiarize new invitees with Calendly. You can do this by adding logos to your pages and embedding customized Calendly pages that match your company’s color palette.

Automate messaging tasks with workflows: Workflows are one of Calendly’s most powerful tools. Using Workflows, you can schedule email or SMS messages at any point in the meeting lifecycle, and apply them to a user's personal or team event types. This way you can ensure all communication is up to the standards your organization has set.

You can also limit user’s capabilities to create their own Workflows, giving you more control over these communications.

calendly_shapes40__3_.png Manage your Calendly users

As the Calendly admin, you have the ability to manage other users, standardize events for your company, and delegate other tasks. Empower your organization by streamlining your company's onboarding experience. These features can also be used to deliver a consistent customer experience and ensure all communication is up to date.

Calendly Features Resources 
User roles & permissions: View, manage, and organize your users within the Calendly Admin Management page. 
Groups: As an account owner, admin, or group admin, you can organize members of your organization by department, job function, or location using groups. 
Managed events: Use managed events for when you want a consistent look and feel, standard, or process for an event. Apply them to some or all members in your organization.
Team and shared events: Create event types that a wide range of users within your organization can utilize. 

calendly_shapes23.png Integrate Calendly with your other tools

When you seamlessly integrate Calendly with your existing tech stack, Calendly’s power truly shines. Check out some of our recommended integrations below. They will help you get more out of all your existing tools, plus the power of Calendly’s scheduling software.

Integrations  Resources 
Video conferencing: Authorize video conferencing applications to enable users within your organization to connect via video conference. Once integrated on the user-level and set as the location in an event type, Calendly will automatically generate and share video conferencing location details when an invitee schedules.
Customer relationship management (CRM) tools: Connect your organization's CRM, and create and update records or contacts as meetings are scheduled.  
Routing forms: Use form responses to qualify and automatically route leads and prospects to the most suitable team member based on their expertise or availability.  
Analytics: Track invitee engagement with your booking pages or routing forms. 

But wait, there's more! Our Company admin guide offers an extensive step-by-step setup playbook to empower you further. Explore this comprehensive guide here.