Create Event Type Templates and add Users to Your Account

Create Event Type Templates and add users to your account




Create Event Type templates

As an Owner or Admin, you can assign standardized personal event types to the members of your organization. Event type templates are predefined settings for the event types given to users at the time they accept the invitation to join your organization or assigned after they have joined your organization. Default templates are provided to get you started.

When creating new event type templates, you can either:

  • create an event type template from scratch or
  • create an event template from an existing event type


How to create a new event type template

  1. At the top of any Calendly page, select Account, then Users, then select Templates.
  2. Select New template.
  3. Select the event type you want to create as a template.
  4. Enter an Event name, Location, and optionally a Description for your invitees.
  5. Select a preset Duration for the event or enter your own. 
  6. At Date Range, click Edit and select the number of days in the future that invitees can book this type of event.
  7. (Optional) On the calendar, set the time frame for when you want team members accepting meetings for this type of event. (Note: we already block times marked as “busy” in the calendar you and other team members connected to Calendly.)
  8. Select Next.
  9. To see the scheduling page for the template, click view live page 
    or select Templates to go back to your list and view your newly created template.


How to create an event template from an existing event type

If you are the account owner or admin, you can use this procedure to create and share event type templates from existing event types. Event type templates define the standard parameters you want team members to use for event types they create.

  1. On your Calendly Home page, find the event type you want to use as the basis for the template.
  2. Select the gear for the event type and select Save to Template.
  3. (Optional) Edit the newly saved template.
  4. Select Templates to see the event type appear on the templates list.


Assigning event types with event type templates

There are 2 ways to assign event type templates once they are created:

  • You can distribute event type templates to multiple users at once when you first add them to your organization.
  • If you have already added users to your account, you can assign templates to organization members individually.

Before you start…

Once assigned, event type templates become independent event types. This means that the only way to edit or make changes to an event type that was assigned through an event type template is to edit the event type for each individual user. Editing the event type template will only affect event types assigned from that point on.


How to assign event type templates to individual users

  1. From your Home page, select My Calendly.
  2. Start typing the individual user’s name. Then, select the user.
  3. Select the arrow next to New Event Type.
  4. Select up to 5 event types you’d like to assign to that user.


Add users and paid seats to your account

Before you start…

  • Adding a new user simultaneously 1) purchases a paid seat for that user and 2) sends them an email invite to join your organization. As soon as they accept, the paid seat you've purchased for them is applied to their new account.
  • Each new user gets their own Calendly account and individual Calendly page, along with event types you assign to their account.
  • You can add up to 100 users to your account at one time.
  • People that already have an account and are part of another organization won’t be able to join a new organization until they are removed or create a new account.

Use this procedure to add additional members to your organization:

  1. On your Calendly Home page, select Account in the top right corner.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Select New User.
  4. If this is the first user you are adding, select Invite Users.
  5. Enter the email addresses of the users you’d like to add to your account to send them an invitation.
  6. Select Next. 
  7. If you need to purchase additional seats, a window will pop up allowing you to add paid seats to your account, see the cost of the new user(s), view the prorated charge for the added paid seats, and confirm or change your billing information. Once confirmed, a receipt will be emailed to the account owner. Select OK.
  8. Choose up to 5 1-to-1 event types your new user will have populated on their home page upon accepting your invitation. To add more event types to add the invited user to, select + Event Type. To remove event types, select the X in the corner of the event type box.
  9. Select Finish underneath the event types you’d like your new user to have.
  10. A pop-up window will appear, confirming
    • the number of users you’d like to add,
    • the cost of the new users,
    • and the prorated cost of your account as it currently stands.


  11. Select Add to confirm. Invitations will be sent to your new users, allowing them to set up their new accounts as soon as they like.


Grant users admin/editing privileges

To grant users editing privileges, you can either change their role to admin or assign them as a team manager (this option is only available if an organization creates or has already created a team).

How to change a member of your organization’s role to admin

Account owners can use this procedure to change a member’s role with their organization:

  1. At the top of any Calendly page, select Account, then Users.
  2. Find the user whose role you want to change, select the gear icon next to their name, then select Change role.
  3. Choose Admin. Then, select Apply.

How to assign a team manager to a team

  1. From your Calendly Home page, select My Calendly. Then, select the team you would like to edit under TEAMS.
  2. Select the gear icon next to New Event Type and select Edit Team.
  3. To assign a team manager, under Team Members click the box next to the name of the person to whom you’d like to assign the role. This means they can manage the team.
  4. To remove a team manager, under Team Members click the box next to the name of the person you’d like to remove this role from. This means they can no longer manage this team.
  5. Select Save.


Transfer ownership to another user

Organizations can only have one owner. When you transfer ownership:

  • you will no longer be owner
  • you will stay in the organization as an admin
  • the new owner will now manage your account

Use this procedure to transfer ownership to another user:

  1. At the top of any Calendly page, select Account, then Users.
  2. Find the user whose role you want to change, select the gear icon next to their name, then select Change role.
  3. Choose Owner. Then, select Apply.


Remove users and paid seats from your account


  • When a user is removed from your organization, their paid seat still remains. This allows you to invite a new user to your organization in their place, without having to purchase an additional seat.
  • This guide will show you how to remove a user and their paid seat, if desired.

Use this procedure to remove a user from your organization:

  1. On any Calendly page, select Account.
  2. Then, select Users.
  3. Locate the user you would like to remove. To search by name, enter the name of the user in the Search by User bar.
  4. Once located, select the gear icon next to the user’s information and select Remove.
  5. If you want to backfill the seat with another user, select New User and add the email of the team member you want to add.
  6. If you want remove the user’s paid seat, select Account, then Billing. Then, select Make changes to your plan and select Remove Users. Enter the amount of seats you want to remove and select Remove.



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