Calendly for Education

Calendly is the perfect scheduling solution for education professionals. Students can book appointments with the right advisor, counselor, or member of your financial aid team. It can also help faculty drive student engagement through office hours. Some schools even use Calendly to make resources and technology more accessible. For larger tech stacks, it can integrate with existing CRM, SIS, or LMS, systems systems. Calendly ensures faculty and staff can focus on what matters the most—student success.

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Save time

University of Texas at Austin uses Calendly to lower costs by 87.5% and drives an 89% increase in efficiency with Calendly. Read how here.

Save money
Calendly offers a 25% discount for public education institutions. Choose a plan that suits your needs, and contact our billing team to learn more.





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Drive Student Success

Embed Calendly on your website to allow prospective students to schedule interviews, campus tours, or info sessions. Route enrolled students to the right academic advisor, connect with a tutor, or join faculty office hours. Whether in-person or virtual, every interaction impacts a student’s experience and is an opportunity to enhance student success.



Admissions: Simplify the initial contact with prospective students.

Embed Calendly to schedule interviews, campus tours, or info sessions.

Route and connect students to financial aid or admissions office.

Set up group interviews or group campus tours.

Advising: Help students without the back-and-forth.

Arrange your schedule for when you are in the office.

Connect your work and personal calendars.

Protect booking during school holiday breaks.

Student Services: Allow students to get what they need, when they need it.

Decide what services to offer your students.

Let students choose in-person or virtual meetings.

Learn what a student needs before a meeting.

Support Faculty With Simplified Scheduling

Use meeting polls to select the best day for department meetings. Make office hours work for your students while maintaining control of your calendar by setting a maximum number of meetings per day. Optimize your availability by using our analytics dashboard.



Internal meetings: Make it easy to meet as a department.

Decide when to meet using meeting polls.

Standardize your meetings with managed events.

Use Calendly for in-person meetings.

Office hours: Optimize your schedule to meet with students and/or parents.

Create your Office Hours.

Customize your Office Hours.

Prevent booking over another meeting.

Set a max number of meetings per day.

Meeting analytics: Learn when you are having the most meetings. View your personal or department meeting analytics.

Securely Integrate With Your Institution's Tech Stack

Need help answering questions from your institution about Calendly? In addition to SOC compliance, Calendly is also compliant with GDPR and CCPA privacy laws. We connect with your existing tech stack, either with native integrations or our Calendly API. We can also keep you in line with your budget by offering educational discounts.



Security: Learn how Calendly can keep your institution compliant.

Confirm Calendly meets your security needs.

Learn how Calendly follows GDPR regulations.

Respond to data deletion requests in Calendly.

Integrations: See how many tools Calendly can work with.

Build webhooks with Calendly’s API.

Connect your Calendly account to Hubspot.

Discover what Calendly connects to.

Use Zapier to connect Calendly to thousands of apps.

Billing: Maintain your institution’s account.

Find out how to submit sales tax exemption documents.

Learn how Calendly billing works.

Make adjustments to your Calendly plan type and seat count.

Need Support? We've got you covered!

Calendly Standard Support is included in every paid subscription. However, only owners and authorized admins from your company can make certain account requests. You can contact support by logging in to Calendly and navigate to the Help section at the top right-hand side of the navigation bar. From there, users can:

  • Select Help Center and browse our collection of knowledge base articles.

  • Join our Calendly Community to search, share, and connect with other Calendly users.
  • Or choose Chat with us and start a conversation with our Support team.