Connecting your calendar

Where to connect

  1. Navigate to your Calendar Connection page from the Account menu, then selecting Availability.
  2. Select which type of calendar you will be connecting. Calendly integrates with the following platforms:
  3. Once connected, take a look at the settings on your Calendar Connection page.
    • If you have connected more than one calendar, use Edit to choose which you would like Calendly to check for conflicts. Any events labeled busy in the selected calendars will be read as conflicts, and those times will be removed from your scheduling page.
    • You can also select which calendar you would like your Calendly events added to. When an invitee chooses an available time to meet with you, the details will be published to your connected calendar and the Scheduled Events tab on your Home page automatically.


You can only publish events to one connected calendar.


Where should I go next?

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