Using Calendly for acquiring customers

Adding Calendly to your marketing & sales funnels is a great way to speed up prospects' time to conversion. Check out some of the most popular options:

Seamlessly Sync Your Sales Tools with CRM Integrations

Spend less time managing leads in Salesforce and integrate Calendly with your SFDC. This integration ensures your meetings are automatically logged and tracked, providing seamless data flow between Calendly and your CRM. Use Zapier to connect Calendly directly with various CRM systems for streamlined lead management and follow-up processes.


Streamline Your Scheduling Process with Meeting Workflows

When a lead submits a form, trigger an auto-response email that includes your sales team's Calendly link. Embed Calendly on your site to let leads schedule an intro call without leaving your site. Use automated workflows to send reminder emails and SMS messages, reducing no-shows and keeping your prospects engaged throughout the scheduling process​.


Optimize Lead Routing with Routing Forms

Want to match prospects with any available rep? Calendly can assign meetings round robin or by your preferred priority, ensuring that leads are distributed evenly among your sales team. This feature keeps your scheduling efficient and ensures no lead falls through the cracks, even during peak times.


Effortless Calendar Access with Fast Sharing

Make your Calendly link easy for prospects to find by adding it to your email signature or using the Calendly browser extension to quickly insert available meeting times into emails. Single-use links can also be shared to control scheduling frequency and maintain a smooth booking experience.


Maximize Your Meeting Efficiency with Meeting Management

For meetings involving multiple team members, use collective scheduling to loop in the right people. Calendly will only display start times that work for everyone and will publish the new event to one team member's calendar automatically, adding all other team members as guests. This ensures that all necessary participants are available for important meetings​.


Gain Insights and Drive Results with Reporting and Analytics

Track and analyze your meetings to improve your sales strategies. Calendly’s reporting tools provide insights into meeting patterns and team performance, helping you optimize your scheduling processes and enhance your overall sales efficiency​​.


Integrating Calendly into your marketing and sales funnels can significantly streamline your processes and expedite prospect conversions. By leveraging CRM integrations, automated scheduling workflows, and efficient lead routing, you can reduce administrative tasks and ensure seamless data flow between systems. Calendly’s tools, like embedding scheduling links and using round-robin assignments, enhance the scheduling experience for both your team and your prospects, reducing no-shows and ensuring that every lead is effectively managed.

Furthermore, features such as collective scheduling and advanced analytics provide valuable insights and foster better team collaboration. Collective scheduling ensures that all necessary participants are available for crucial meetings, while analytics help refine your sales strategies by offering insights into meeting patterns and team performance. By incorporating these strategies, you can focus more on building relationships and closing deals, ultimately driving better results and staying ahead in a competitive market landscape.