Using Calendly for acquiring customers

Using Calendly for acquiring customers

Adding Calendly to your marketing & sales funnels is a great way to speed up prospects' time to conversion. Check out some of the most popular options:

Inbound lead management

  • When a lead submits a form, trigger an auto-response email that includes your sales team's Calendly link
  • Embed Calendly to let leads schedule an intro call without ever leaving your site
  • Want to match prospects with any available rep? Calendly can assign meetings round robin or by your preferred priority. Meetings can continue to be scheduled during any given time slot until no more reps are available at that time.
  •  Add a Calendly link to the emails in your welcome, reengagement and other lead nurturing campaigns, so they can re-engage at any point in the funnel
  • Spend less time managing leads in Salesforce and integrate Calendly with your SFDC.

Sales development: sales dev rep/account exec scheduling

  • Add your Calendly link to the email templates in your sales outreach cadence to cut through the back-and-forth and get more meetings booked, more quickly:
    "I'm free at [time you're available today], but if you need more advance notice, name the time that's best for you at [replace this with your actual link] and I'm happy to meet you then."
  • Add your web conference details to Calendly so they automatically appear in calendar invites
  • Use Zapier to integrate Calendly directly with your CRM
  • Make your link easy for prospects to find in an email thread by adding it to your signature:

Follow-up & closing calls

  • For meetings involving multiple team members (e.g., an SDR and AE, or an AE and Sales Engineer), use collective scheduling to loop in the right people. Calendly will only display start times that work for everyone, and will publish the new event to one team member's calendar automatically, adding all other team members as guests.