Calendly's subscription plans


Free Forever

Calendly offers a free plan which includes our basic features.

  • 1 calendar connection
  • Access to our one-on-one event type
  • video conferencing integration

More details can be found on our pricing page.


For the solo user wanting to simplify their booking flow and add time back on everyone's calendar.

  • Connect up to 6 calendars
  • Unlimited one-on-one and group event types
  • Customization of scheduling and confirmation pages
  • $10 USD/month, $96 if billed annually ($8/month)

Learn more about the essentials plan here!


For those looking to add more users, automations, and integrations to their Calendly account.

  • Connect up to 6 calendars
  • Automate and customize your end-to-end scheduling experience
  • Add routing forms to your website
  • Co-host meetings with external invitees
  • Access powerful integrations (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, HubSpot)
  • $15 USD/seat/month, $144 if billed annually ($12/month)

Learn more about the professional plan here!


For the admin that wants more, including Salesforce and Round Robin.

  • Route people to available team members via Round Robin event types
  • Update Salesforce records automatically with a direct integration
  • Standardize on best practices,  ensure consistent communication, and onboard new team members: all with admin-level controls
  • $20 USD/seat/month,  $192 USD if billed annually ($16/month)

Learn more about the teams plan here!


For the team that needs everything for everyone.

NOTE: This plan requires annual billing and a minimum of 30 seats.

  • Everything from our other plans, PLUS
  • Added security via SAML single sign-on
  • Advanced user provisioning via SCIM

Video Transcript

Hi there!

First off, Thanks for checking out Calendly. Since you're here, you're probably wondering which subscription plan is right for you and your business. So in the next few minutes, we'll walk through our paid plans and hopefully give you a better idea of what they're all about.

Let's start with Essentials. Our first paid plan is designed to simplify scheduling for individual users. It's a single-seat plan, meaning you can't add multiple users. So if you're working on your own and you don't need to host anything too complex, this is a great option. You can connect 2 calendars to your account (maybe that's your work calendar and your personal calendar,) and Calendly will use both to help determine your availability.

On the Essentials Plan, you can create an unlimited number of active event types, versus just the one on the Free Plan. And you've got access to not only one-on-one event types, as in one host meeting with one invitee, but also group event types, which are perfect for that one to many use case. On the Essentials Plan, you can also make specific customizations to your scheduling page, including adding a cancellation policy or directing your invitee to the next step after they've booked.

To sum it up, if you're an individual user looking to add some efficiency and polish to your scheduling flow and get some time back in your day, the Essentials Plan is a perfect choice.

Now we'll move up a level to our Professional Plan. Our Professional Plan includes all the same capabilities as the Essentials Plan, and on top of that, it adds more customization and control, some key integrations with tools that are likely already in your tech stack, and some basic team features. On the Professional Plan, any user can connect up to 6 calendars, and you've got access to all the workflows. Think - email and text reminders, follow-ups, confirmations... plus you can customize them all to your liking.

One major benefit to the Professional Plan is that you can add more users, which unlocks some powerful team features. When you use the Professional Plan with other members of your team, you'll be able to take advantage of Calendly's Routing Forms. Imagine adding qualifying questions to your website and after prospects or customers answer them, they'd be automatically directed to the right resource, like a team member's scheduling page or a web page, if they're not a fit for a meeting. Routing Forms ensure high-quality connections for both you and for those who want to meet with you. On the Professional Plan, you can manage event types across your team. Using admin controls, you can edit and remove event types and create groups within your larger team that have specific team-based permissions.

Speaking of working in groups, you'll gain access to our collective event type, so you and your team members can easily co-host meetings with external invitees without all the calendar coordination and back and forth. Our Professional Plan also offers popular integrations like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Stripe, PayPal, and Zapier.

To sum it up, the Professional Plan is a great option for individuals and small teams who want to automate and customize the entire scheduling experience.

Next up, we've got the Teams Plan. We've found that most customers who have more than a handful of users on the same account end up graduating to this plan because they want to take advantage of our Round Robin event type, our Salesforce integration, and some additional admin capabilities. Teams is a multi-user plan, so there's a minimum of 2 users. With Calendly's Round Robin event type, teams can streamline scheduling by routing invitees to any available team member. It's ideal for sales, customer success, support, or even recruiting.

And with our Salesforce integration, all Salesforce records will be automatically updated any time someone books a meeting using Calendly. This is a direct integration that comes with some pre-loaded flows, so it's kind of plug and play, but it's also highly customizable. Admins on the Teams Plan can use our admin management capabilities to control and standardize event types. This way, you can make sure all team members provide consistent event experiences to whomever they are scheduling with. Plus, onboarding new team members and updating event types takes just a few clicks, all from one central location.

To sum it up, the Teams Plan works well for folks who want to streamline scheduling with Round Robin, take advantage of our Salesforce integration, and access some more powerful admin capabilities to keep everyone aligned.

Last but not least, we've got our Enterprise Plan. Our Enterprise Plan has all the same scheduling features as our Teams Plan and adds advanced security, privacy, and admin controls. We call it the Enterprise Plan because it meets the demands of the most security conscious companies. The only requirements for selecting this plan are a minimum of 30 seats and annual billing. So if you're seeking a higher level of service and support paired with that advanced security and control, this plan is for you. We've got thousands of customers on the Enterprise Plan, including teams from brands you've probably heard of: Dropbox, eBay, Lyft, L'oreal, as well as some of the largest financial service companies and tech companies in the world.

On the Enterprise Plan, we offer SAML single sign-on as well as advanced user provisioning via SCIM. If you're not familiar, these are super secure ways to access Calendly and automate employee onboarding and onboarding. Many teams choose the enterprise plan so they can easily add Calendly to their Okta tiles for all their employees. It's fast and easy to maintain. Basically, your IT manager's dream come true. Now you can hopefully choose a subscription plan with more understanding of which one is right for you. If you're interested in the Enterprise Plan, you can connect with our sales team using this link.

If you've got any questions or you're looking for more guidance, feel free to reach out through our Help Center.