Schedule with video conferencing


Calendly has built integrations with the following video conferencing platforms:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Webex 

Once connected, Calendly will automatically generate video conferencing details when someone books with you. You and your invitee will also receive details via confirmation email and calendar event. 

If you use a video conferencing platform that isn't listed above, follow the steps in How to use other video conferencing options.

Let your invitee choose how to meet

For one-on-one event types, you can connect multiple video conferencing platforms and let your invitee choose their preferred way to meet. 


How to schedule a meeting with video conferencing

Zoom Google Meet Teams GoTo Meeting Webex

In this article:

Step 1: Connect your Zoom account

  1. Visit your Integrations page and select Zoom.
  2. Select Connect Zoom.
  3. Sign in to your Zoom account.
  4. Select Authorize to let Calendly access your Zoom account. Note: If you see info about pre-approving, view Pre-approving Zoom.

Step 2: Select Zoom as your location 

Once you've connected, you'll be redirected to Calendly. You'll see a message prompting you to set Zoom as your location for your event types. To do so, follow the steps for the relevant event type:

To use Zoom for a personal event type:

  1. From your Home page, select the event type you want to use Zoom with.
  2. Select What event is this?
  3. From Location, select Zoom.
    Tip: For one-on-one event types, you can select add a location option to give your invitee multiple locations to choose from.
  4. Select Save & Close.
  5. Repeat these steps for each event type you'd like to use Zoom with.

To use Zoom for a one-off meeting:

  1. Follow the steps to set up a one-off meeting.
  2. Under Location, select Zoom:

To use Zoom for a team event type:

  1. From your Home page, select the round robin or collective event type you want to use Zoom with.
  2. Select Team Members & Location or Hosts & Location
    • For round robin events:
      1. Under Location, select Zoom for the team members who'd like to schedule with Zoom. Note: The team member must individually connect and authenticate their Zoom account (Step 1: Connect your Zoom account) before they can schedule with Zoom. An admin cannot connect on their behalf. 
    • For collective events:
      1. Select one Zoom organizer. As the Zoom organizer, your Zoom account will be used to host the meeting. For more details, view Choose your Zoom organizer for a collective event.
      2. Select Save & Close.

Step 3: Meet over Zoom

After your invitee books, you and your invitee will receive Zoom details via confirmation email and calendar event. The meeting will also show in your Zoom account under Upcoming Meetings.


Tip: You can customize your Zoom settings to enforce a Personal Meeting ID, require passcodes, adjust dial-in numbers, and more. View more in Getting started with Zoom.