Calendly's Teams plan

What is the teams plan?

Calendly's Teams plan is best for the larger organization who wants more efficient collaboration. In addition to all that is included in our standard plan, Teams users get Salesforce connectivity and a new event type. This plan is ideal for an organization that has more than one department within Calendly, or is using Salesforce is their primary CRM.

The Teams plan includes:

How much does this plan cost?

The Teams plan is $20 USD per seat per month, or $16 USD per user if paid annually. 

Teams use cases

 You might use the teams plan to:

  • Organize large teams
  • Standardize events across departments
  • Convert your invitees to Salesforce leads
  • Rotate events between team members automatically


The Teams plan is all about collaborating more efficiently across a team so you can meet with customers, prospects, or candidates faster. If you're looking to distribute events across team members with round robin scheduling update Salesforce records automatically with a direct integration or manage meeting best practices across teams or departments, the Teams plan may be for you.