Calendly Admin Center


If you are on our Teams plan and would like to add single sign-on (SSO) features to your Calendly account, you can do so from your billing page. The SSO add-on costs $3 per user, per month. 



In this article we will walk you through your Calendly Admin Center and the changes that can be made within it.

Calendly Admin Center Image.png

Before you start

  • The Admin center is only viewable for owners and admins of a Calendly organization.
  • If you are not an admin or an owner of your Calendly org., you will only be able to review the People directory for your org.

Where to find your Admin center

To open your Admin center settings:

  1. Select Admin center from your Calendly menu.
    Calendly Admin Center Button.png

Admin dashboard

The admin dashboard is an high-level view of your organization's users, integrations, and events. For more information about the dashboard, check out this help center article.

Admin Center Settings

Your admin center is were you can review and customize Calendly organization settings for your entire team. These settings include:

1. Users
This section of admin center is where you can make adjustments to the users within your Calendly organization:
  • Active
    • Review all users that are active within your Calendly organization. 
      Calendly Admin Center Active Users.png

  • Pending
    • Review users who still need to accept your Calendly organization invitation.
      Calendly Admin Center Pending Users.png

  • Export
    • Export a list of users within your Calendly organization for your company. 
      Calendly Admin Center Users Export.png

  • Add users
    • Add additional users to your Calendly organization.
      Calendly Admin Center Add Users.png
2. Groups
This section of your admin center is where you can create and organize your Calendly org. into groups.

  • Groups
    • Place members of your organization into groups to:
      • segment users based on department, job function, or location
      • delegate control to 'group admins' to manage and report on their group
      • view scheduled events and activity by group
        Calendly Admin Center Groups.png
3. Login (Enterprise Accounts Only)
In this section of your admin center you can adjust your Calendly organization access settings for company accounts. These access settings include:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
    • Offer a simple and secure way for your users to access Calendly. With SSO enabled, users can log into Calendly with their corporate credentials. 

  • Domain control
4. Billing 
This section of your admin center is where you will be able to make changes to your Calendly subscription and billing information. 

  • Calendly subscription
    • In the your subscription section of your billing page you can:
      • Change your plan
        • Upgrade to a higher plan
        • Downgrade to a lower plan
        • Downgrade to the free plan to cancel 
        • Add additional seats/subscriptions
        • Remove users seats/subscriptions
          Calendly Admin Center Subscription .png

  • Bill Preview
    • View a price breakdown of your upcoming Calendly bill.
      Calendly Admin Center Bill Preview.png

  • Billing information
    • Edit/change payment information including your billing address or tax-exempt documentation. 
      Calendly Admin Center Billing Information.png

  • Transaction history 
    • Review previous transactions on your Calendly account.
      Calendly Admin Center Transaction History.png
5. Branding
This section of your admin center is where you can edit your Calendly organization's branding.

  • Organization name
    • Determine how you would like your organization to be represented when someone signs up for Calendly.  
      Calendly Admin Center Branding Name.png

  • Organization logo
    • Assign a logo for everyone in your Calendly organization. 
      Calendly Admin Center Branding Org logo.png

Once these settings are defined & customized, your Calendly organization settings will be all set!

Admin Center Additional Settings

Permissions Security Managed Events

Event types
- Specify which members of your organization can create shared event types.
Calendly Admin Center Event Type Permissions.png

Choose which members of your organization can create and manage workflows.
Calendly Admin Center Workflows Permissions.png

Decide which members can invite new users to your Calendly organization.
Calendly Admin Center Invitatin Permissions.png