Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my availability?

To set up a schedule and apply to your event type(s):
  1. Navigate to Availability to create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.
  2. Customize your schedule and add date-specific hours such as planned time off.
  3. Apply your schedule to your events by either assigning a schedule or copying availability.
For a specific event type, you can manage schedule settings to:

How do I change my login email?

  1. Navigate to your Account settings page
  2. Select Login preferences
  3. Select Change email

If you use SAML SSO and want to change your login email, please reach out to your IT Admin.

How do I upgrade my subscription plan?

  1. On the left side panel, navigate to Admin Center. Select Billing.
  2. Select Change plan, then Upgrade/Downgrade.
  3. Choose the plan that best suits your scheduling needs.

How do I set up a round robin event type?

  1. On your Calendly Home page, select + Create. Then select Round Robin event type.
  2. Enter the event name, duration, hosts, round robin hosts, and location. Select Continue.
  3. Under Hosts & Invitees, select Round robin settings. Select Distribution method to maximize availability or optimize for equal distribution. Set Reschedule preference, then Apply.

Maximize availability allows invitees to book with any host that's available at their preferred time. (Note: Priority Stars lets Calendly know which team member should be booked before all others, any time they are available for booking. These stars can be filled at 4 different levels to rank your hosts by selecting the stars until it is filled to the desired amount.)

Optimize for Equal Distribution to distribute events equally across your hosts. This prevents any one team member from booking more meetings than others. Once a team member is added or deleted, the algorithm will reset.

How do I change my login method using SSO?

To change SSO providers:
  1. Navigate to your Account settings page
  2. Select Login preferences
  3. Select Switch to Google/Microsoft
  4. Select Continue to confirm changes
  5. Select the account you’d like to use and enter its credentials
  6. Select Next
  7. Select Allow to grant Calendly access

Read more on how to change your login email or login method.

How do I add new users to my organization?

Owners and Admins are able to add users to an organization’s account. Group Admins may also add users depending on your organization’s permissions.

For the Owner, Admin, or Group Admin:
  1. Navigate to your Admin page
  2. Select Invite users
  3. Add emails you want to invite
  4. Set their roles
  5. Review price breakdown and confirm the number of users to add
  6. Select Add seats
For the new user:
  1. Locate Calendly’s invitation email
  2. Follow the prompt to set up an account

Existing Calendly users joining an organization will be added to the organization’s billing plan with no impact to their account settings and events.

Read more on how to add or remove users.