Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging (Extension)

The Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging® extension makes scheduling across LinkedIn Messaging easy. With Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging, you can:

  • see and share your scheduling links with invitees
  • create one-off meetings 
  • create new meeting polls

Before you begin...

  • To use Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging, first install the Calendly Chrome or Firefox extension to your browser. 
  • You can also install the browser extension from your Calendly account by selecting Account, then Apps from the dropdown menu.
  • For more information on the Calendly browser extension, check out these guides

Allowing Calendly Access to LinkedIn

When you install the Calendly for Chrome extension, Calendly will open in a new tab. From there, log into your Calendly account and select Add extension on the permissions prompt seen below: 


Image 2: Calendly extension requests LinkedIn access

Select Add extension to grant these permissions and view the Calendly extension in your LinkedIn Messaging toolbar. 


How to share your meeting links

Once installed, you can access the Calendly extension wherever you compose messages in LinkedIn.

1. Select LinkedIn Messaging to compose a new message. 

2. From the message composition view, look for the Calendly logo in the tool bar. 


Image 3: View the Calendly logo displayed in the LinkedIn toolbar.

3. Select the Calendly logo from the toolbar, and Calendly will display your three most recently used event types.

4. From there, insert the event-specific link or generate a single-use link. 


Image 4: See the three most used event types. 

  • Choose Insert link to simply add your event scheduling link into your LinkedIn message.
  • Choose Insert single-use link if you want this event to only be booked once by your invitee. When you share a single-use link, that scheduling link will expire once the event has been booked.

To see more events, select See all event types. The Calendly browser extension will open to display additional event types. 

How to create a One-off Meeting or Meeting Poll

In addition to sharing your link, you also have the option to create a new One-Off Meeting or Meeting Poll from the Calendly for LinkedIn extension. 

To create a One-Off Meeting: 

  1. In LinkedIn, compose a new message.
  2. From the LinkedIn toolbar, select the Calendly logo. 
  3. Choose Create one-off meeting.
  4. Once you select Create one-off meeting, a pop-up screen will appear and you can customize your meeting from there. 
  5. Select the option to Copy One-Off Meeting link and paste the link into your LinkedIn message to share with invitees. 

To learn more about One-off Meetings and how to customize them, check out this article.

To create a new Meeting Poll:

  1. In LinkedIn, compose a new message.
  2. From the LinkedIn toolbar, select the Calendly logo. 
  3. Choose Create Poll.
  4. Once you select Create poll, a pop-up screen will appear and you can customize your poll options from there.
  5. Copy your poll link and paste the link into your LinkedIn Message.

To learn more about Meeting Polls, read this guide

Troubleshooting the Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging extension 

Once the Calendly browser extension has been installed, a prompt to connect Calendly with LinkedIn should be visible.

If you are having trouble viewing the Calendly for LinkedIn icon in your LinkedIn Toolbar, try these steps: 

  1. Ensure that you are logged into Calendly. 
  2. Close any open LinkedIn sessions, and open a new tab/session.
  3. While on the new LinkedIn page, open the Calendly browser extension to allow access from the sidebar menu. 

You can use these Toolbar Settings to remove the Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging logo from your LinkedIn toolbar as well. If you would no longer like to view the Calendly logo on your LinkedIn Messaging page, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the Calendly logo from your browser toolbar to open the Calendly browser extension. 
  2. From the extension sidebar, select the Calendly logo and open the extension settings. 
  3. Select Toolbar Settings
    Image 5: Select Toolbar settings from the extension menu
  4. Select Toolbar Settings
  5. De-select the option to "add Calendly toolbar to LinkedIn."

Troubleshooting Tip: For advanced troubleshooting, you may need to temporarily disable and re-enable any additional browser extensions. 

If you are experiencing browser interference while utilizing Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging, try this: 

  1. Select the Extensions menu from your browser toolbar.
  2. Select Manage Extensions. 
  3. Turn all extensions, including the Calendly browser extension, off. 
  4. After a moment, turn your Calendly browser extension back on. Then, turn any additional extensions on one by one.
  5. Open a new window and resume using Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging. 

Video Walkthrough

Check out this video for a walkthrough of the Calendly for LinkedIn Messaging extension.