How to change the Zoom account connected to Calendly

Follow these steps if you need to change the Zoom account that’s connected to your Calendly account. Remember, you can only have one Zoom account connected at a time. 

  1. Open an incognito or private window in your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge).
  2. In Calendly, at the top of any page, select Integrations.
  3. Select Zoom.
    • If you're connected to a Zoom account you don't want to use, select Disconnect.
  4. Select Connect Zoom.
  5. On the Zoom page that opens, log in to your preferred Zoom account. 
  6. Select Authorize.


Once you change the connected account, your event types, notifications, and Workflows will be updated with the new Zoom account. Previously sent notifications will contain the old Zoom information, and you will need to update your invitees with the new detiails.