Calendly + Zoom


By connecting your Zoom account to Calendly, you can reduce the time you spend manually sharing Zoom details. Upon scheduling, Calendly will automatically generate a unique Zoom link and dial-in details.

How to connect your Zoom account

For steps on how to connect your Zoom account, view How to schedule a meeting with video conferencing

To note for multi-user Calendly organizations:

  • Zoom admins must pre-approve Calendly in the Zoom Marketplace
    Zoom admins must pre-approve the Calendly app before their Zoom users can download it. If you see details about pre-approving when configuring Zoom, view Pre-approving Zoom.
  • Users must individually connect their Zoom account
    Admins cannot connect a Zoom account on users' behalf. If you're a Calendly admin, feel free to share How to schedule a meeting with video conferencing with your users.
  • Choose your Zoom organizer for a collective event
    If your team wants to host a collective event over Zoom, you'll need to select one team member to be the Zoom organizer for the event type. This team member will use their Zoom account to host. Before anyone schedules, the team member will need to connect their Zoom account to Calendly. 


Once you've connected Zoom

When someone schedules with you, you and your invitees will receive video conferencing details via email and calendar event. You can also access your Zoom details from your Calendly Scheduled Events and your Zoom Upcoming Meetings. The details will look something like the following image, but you can customize dial-in numbers and passcodes from your Zoom settings.

You can also use the dynamic location variable in Workflows and notifications to automatically include your Zoom details. For more information on variables, click here.


To change the Zoom account connected to Calendly:

To change your connected Zoom account, view How to change the Zoom account connected to Calendly.

Customizing your Zoom settings

To use the same Zoom link for each meeting:

Calendly will automatically generate a unique Zoom link each time someone books. If you'd like to use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID for all meetings, view Use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID for meetings.


To adjust your Zoom dial-in details:

To adjust the Zoom dial-in numbers present in your Zoom details, including one tap mobile and international numbers, view Adjust your Zoom dial-in numbers.


To use a Zoom passcode for your meetings:

To enable Zoom passcodes for your Calendly meetings, view Adding a Zoom passcode to your meetings.


To add a waiting room to your Zoom meetings:

To control when a participant joins your meeting, you can add a Zoom waiting room. Follow these Zoom steps to set up waiting room.