Troubleshooting availability

If an invitee is unable to schedule time with you because you are unavailable when you should actually be free, then you can troubleshoot why by logging into your Calendly account and using the built-in troubleshooting tool.


To see why you're unavailable when you should be free

  1. If you're not already logged in, go to the Calendly home page, select Log In.
  2. Select the affected event
  3. Select View Live Page
  4. Select Troubleshoot
  5. See the page refresh
  6. Select any day that was previously unavailable and see why

Note: On the event scheduling page, you can also select Menu and Troubleshoot Availability. Select Edit event type to resolve unavailability issues caused by event settings.


Reasons you may be unavailable

Label Why the time slot is unavailable

This time slot is in the past and can no longer be booked


A daily limit has been set for this event type, and the limit has been reached


This group event has reached its maximum number of attendees


This time slot is outside of the event type's minimum scheduling notice


This time slot is outside of the date range that has been set for this event type


Someone has already scheduled this type of event during this time slot


This time slot overlaps with another Calendly event that has been scheduled


You or your team members have a buffer setting that blocks this time slot

Team members' names and conflicting buffer settings listed


This time slot overlaps with a busy event in your connected calendar or one of your team members'

Team members with "busy" calendar events listed


Calendly is unable to connect to your calendar or one of your team members'

Team members whose calendars aren't connected listed

UNFAIR Only applies to round robin event types set to optimize for equal distribution

The only available team members have received too many meetings. This time slot will become available again when events are scheduled with other users and the distribution of meetings becomes equal.

Current distribution of meetings per team member listed

The event duration is longer than the time you are available.


This time slot has been reserved for a pending One-off Meeting or poll. Once the invitee books a time slot for the One-off Meeting, the remaining reserved times will be cleared from your calendar and you will be shown as free.

You can clear the reserved times manually by visiting the Pending One-off Meeting under your Scheduled events tab and selecting "Clear reserved times." 


Note: there may be a delay in removing the reservation from their calendar after they schedule the event or if they delete the pending one-off or poll.


One of the hosts on your Collective event type is not available for this time slot. 

On a Collective event, a time slot will only be shown as available when all of the hosts assigned to the event are available at that time.  

A note on daylight savings time

Your availability is based off the current time. Therefore, if daylight savings time (DST) is approaching, any times on a date after DST will be 'off' an hour until the date DST happens has occurred.

To see why you are free when you should be unavailable

  1. If you're not already logged in, go to the Calendly home page, select Log In.
  2. Select Account, then Calendar Connections
  3. At Check for Conflicts, select Edit
  4. Select all calendars that should be checked for conflicts

When using Office 365 and Outlook, determine if you should be considered unavailable when events are marked as Away or Tentative.


When using Google, all-day events are marked Free by default. Change the status of all-day events to Busy to be considered unavailable by Calendly and avoid double bookings for the day.

To change the status of events in your calendar

Events in your calendar marked Busy prevent you from being booked for your Calendly events. To change this:

  1. Navigate to the event on your calendar
  2. Edit the event
  3. Change the status to Free


Scheduled Calendly events will always be considered busy and changing the status of the event does not free up time. You can cancel or reschedule events from the Scheduled Events tab on your Home page to open up your availability.