Using Calendly's Troubleshooting Tool


This article outlines how to use Calendly's Troubleshooting Tool. The Troubleshooting Tool is used to identify WHY you are being seen as unavailable on your scheduling link.

The articles below outline recommended next steps for different availability issues you may encounter. Please note, if you are having issues related to the first article below, you will need to use Calendly's Troubleshooting Tool:

  1. What To Do When You're Unavailable but Should Be Free
  2. What To Do When You're Free but Should Be Busy

How to Use the Troubleshooting Tool


  1. If you're not already logged in, go to the Calendly home page, select Log In.
  2. Select the event where you are needing to be available.
  3. Select View Live Page
  4. Select Troubleshoot
  5. See the page refresh
  6. Select any day/time that was previously unavailable and see the current error code in red.
  7. Take note of the error code that appears and review What To Do When You're Unavailable but Should Be Free.

Note: On the event scheduling page, you can also select Menu and Troubleshoot Availability. Select Edit event type to resolve unavailability issues caused by event settings.


Nuance issues with availability 

A note on daylight savings time

Your availability should be based on the current time. If daylight savings time (DST) is approaching, any times on a date after DST will be shifted back by an hour until the DST change takes effect.

Events that have already been scheduled

Scheduled Calendly events will always be considered busy status events. Changing the status of these events within your connected calendar will not free up that time within Calendly. You can cancel or reschedule events from your Scheduled Events tab on your Home page at any time to open up your availability.

Resources for further assistance

If you are still running into issues with your availability, you can contact our support team at any time. We also have some best practice articles for your availability below: