Managing additional rules for your availability

To control when others can book with you, set:
  • Availability increments that specify when events can start (e.g. every 30 minutes)
  • Maximum events daily by type of event
  • Minimum scheduling notice to prevent last minute bookings
Availability increments Maximum events daily Minimum scheduling notice

How to adjust the available start times for an eventHC_.gif

Before you start...

Start time increments are fixed and are only available up to every 60 minutes. If you need to set  specific available start times, we suggest you set intervals or time frames that you are available to take a meeting. You can do this from editing your schedule or setting custom hours.

  1. From your Calendly Home page, locate the event you want to edit and select it.

  2. Expand the When can this event be booked? section. At the bottom of the section, select Additional rules for your availability.

  3. At Start time increments, select the frequency. The shorter the frequency, the more start time options your invitee sees.

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