Workflows replace reminders and email follow-ups for event types

Workflows are the one-stop shop to automate tasks like sending emails and text messages around your scheduled events

Workflows can automatically replace your personal and team event types' reminders and email follow-ups.


Workflows give you flexibility around the customization and timing of your messages

Before workflows, reminders and email-follows ups were tied to event types, ultimately costing you more time to personalize them for each individual event type. Since you can create one workflow and apply it to as many event types as you want, you’ll spend less time personalizing reminders and email follow-ups every time you create a new event type. 


Reminders and email follow-ups for personal and team event types will be converted into workflows

When workflows replace your reminders and email follow-ups for event types, they'll retain all of your existing configurations and custom messaging for these notifications, so you won’t need to spend time personalizing them again.

Within your event type, you'll also see any workflows you've applied so you'll always know at a glance what tasks are being automated around booked events.



For members on a standard or higher subscription

Start using workflows today to automate tasks around your event types, including the ability to send text message notifications and reminders.

For members on a free subscription

The current version of workflows is only available to members on a paid Calendly subscription. If you also want to send text messages with workflows, upgrade to a paid subscription to start using workflows today.