What to do when you're unavailable but should be free

This article outlines what to do when you appear unavailable on your Calendly scheduling page.

Step 1: Log into your Calendly account to use Calendly's Troubleshooting Tool.

If you do not know how to use Calendly's Troubleshooting Tool, you can learn more here.

Step 2: Review your error code meaning below.

Below is a list of errors codes that may appear when using Calendly's Troubleshooting Tool. These error codes identify WHY you are appearing as unavailable. 

Step 3: Follow the steps associated with your error code.

Each error code has its own next steps section recommended to resolve the issue.

Common Errors

The three most common errors our users see.


This error occurs when a date/time conflicts with a busy event in your connected calendar. The "details" dropdown in troubleshooting mode will show the connected calendar where the event is present. 

Recommended Steps to Resolve:

  1. Review calendars & sub-calendars within your checked for conflicts section in Calendar Connections.
  2. Ensure any all-day events on your personal calendar/sub-calendars for that date/time are set to free.

Articles below share examples of busy events depending on calendar type.

Important note: There is no way to override busy events on your connected calendar. Because Calendly sees each account as an individual user, it does not allow for overlapping events.

This error occurs when this exact event has been scheduled during that date & time. You can verify this by reviewing your Calendly account Scheduled Events Tab.
This error occurs when a Calendly event overlaps with the date/time you are trying to book. You can review what events have been scheduled from your Scheduled Events Tab.

Because Calendly sees each account as an individual user, it does not allow for overlapping Calendly events to help prevent double bookings.

Event Settings Errors

These errors occur when there is an issue with your Event Settings.



This error appears when a date/time interferes with a buffer on a scheduled Calendly event.

IMPORTANT: Event settings lock in when an event is scheduled. Removing the buffer from the event type will not remove it from an event that has already been scheduled.

To remove a buffer from an already scheduled event, you can review this article for steps on how to do so.

This error occurs when the maximum number of meetings allowed have been scheduled. To edit this setting, go into your event settings to increase/remove the DAYMAX quantity.

:black_circle: For events that have been booked, cancel/reschedule all existing events for that specific day with the new quantity assigned.

:black_circle: Round Robin DAYMAX: Round Robin events do not function on a per person limitation, but rather a limitation per event type.

:black_circle: (Ex. 6 team members assigned with a DAYMAX of 1, that event gets scheduled for Monday at 4pm, that event type will no longer be available for that day. Even if the other 5 team members are available.)
This error occurs when your event length is longer than your availability. There are two ways to change this error: 

1. Change your event duration from within your event settings.
2. Adjust your availability to ensure the event duration will fit.

For example: You have an event that is 2 hours long, but only have availability from 9am-10am (one hour). There would not be enough time available for a 2 hour long event to take place. 
This error occurs when a day/time is outside of your event type date range.

To update your date range, review your event types settings and edit the date range section. 

NOTE: To add Saturdays & Sundays to your availability, assign weekdays and not business days to your event.
This error occurs when a date/time falls outside of the minimum scheduling notice restriction. You can change this setting at any time from within your event settings.

Event Type Errors

The errors below are event type specific errors.


This error occurs with Group Event Types. This error appears when a Group event has reached its maximum number of attendees. 

Important note:
Event Settings lock in at the time of booking. Changing the max number of invitees will not change events that have been booked. To change max invitees for an event that has already been scheduled, you can do so from the scheduled events tab.

This error occurs with Collective Event Types. This error will appear when one of the event hosts are not available for that date/time.

For collective events, a date/time will only appear when all hosts assigned to that event are available.
This error occurs with Round Robin Event Types set for equal distribution. The reason means the only available team members for this date/time have too many meetings. 

For these dates/times to appear, ensure that each member's scheduled meeting total is equal to (or only 3 meetings ahead) of other members.

Less Common Errors

Errors that are less common but still occur.


This error occurs when Calendly is unable to connect to your calendar or a team members calendar. Ensure all calendars are connected in the Calendar Connections page for your/your teams accounts.

This error appears when a date & time is in the past and can no longer be booked.
This error occurs when a date/time is reserved for a One-off Meeting or poll. Once a time slot is booked for a One-off Meeting, remaining reserved times will be cleared.

Clear reserved times by visiting the pending section in your Scheduled Events tab. Then select Clear reserved times.

NOTE: Delays can occur when removing reserved times from your connected calendar.