Setting up and managing shared events

Shared event types can be created without first creating a team to make collaborating with others in your organization quicker. These event types are available on our paid Calendly subscriptions.

To start working with shared event types, you need to add another person to your solo account.

Types of shared events

There are two types of shared events you can create:

  • Collective events let you host an event with another person and let invitees pick a time when you're all available. Collective events are great for groups who meet regularly with clients and want to make sure everyone is available at the same time, such as decision making meetings or status updates.

  • Round robin events are 1-to-1 bookings that automatically rotate team members to pair one team member with an invitee based on availability and other specific preferences you can set. Round robin events are great for groups that rotate the responsibility of hosting, such as a sales team meeting with leads. This event type is available to Teams and Enterprise customers.

The difference between shared event types and team event types

  Shared event types Team event types
Best used for... Quick unrestricted collaboration. Supervised and standardized event types.
Who can create it? Anyone (unless it is restricted by an  organization owner or admin) Owners, admins, and team managers on the specific team
Who can edit it? Owners, admins, and the hosts of the event type Owners, admins, and team managers on the specific team
Who can add or remove hosts? Owners, admins, and the hosts of the event type Owners, admins, and team managers on the specific team
Does the event type show up on my personal or team landing page? No Only on a team landing page.
Is the link customizable? No Yes
Is the timezone customizable? No, it will default as the account owner's set time zone Yes, it is editable from the Edit team page.

Where to find your shared event types

Once you create a shared event type, it will appear on your Home page below your individual event types so you can find and reuse them.

Once a shared event type has been booked, you can view it within Scheduled Events.

Shared event types can also be viewed by scoping to a specific user who is a part of the shared event type.Screen_Shot_2021-11-08_at_11.52.14_AM.png

Modifying a shared event type

Once you schedule a shared event, it will show up on your Home page under your Scheduled Events tab. To cancel or reschedule the event, select Details on the right-hand side of the scheduled meeting.

To control how a round robin event is reassigned when an invitee reschedules, you can set a preference within the event type to reschedule by reassigning through round robin, or rescheduling with the original host.

Anyone assigned as a host of a shared event type can edit and modify that event type. Once a round robin shared event has been scheduled, the assigned host is the only one that can modify and edit that scheduled event.


Setting shared event permissions

If you are on a paid Calendly plan, you are able to edit which users can edit, share, or view your event. To do so:

  1. From the home menu, select the gear icon for your event type.

  2. Select Edit Permissions/Edit hosts

    • You can also find this button from the event type edit screen.
  3. Type in and select which user you want to grant permissions to.

  4. You have three options to choose from:

    1. Can edit: can make changes to an event type’s settings (see how to edit an event type here)

    2. Can view: can see the event type in their account and share the event’s booking link, but cannot make any edits to the event itself

    3. Remove from event type: remove any existing permissions for a user

  5. Save any changes.

See also:b5607998-e0c5-4ab6-a9af-22bfcd69e720.png


NOTE: These permissions will not work on Managed or Team events.

How to edit hosts for shared events

If you create a shared event type, you are automatically assigned as a host. Hosts can edit or remove themselves from the event they are assigned to. Use this procedure to add or remove additional hosts from a shared event type:

  1. On your Home page, find the shared event type you want to edit hosts for.

  2. Select the shared event type to edit.

  3. Select Edit Hosts at the top of the page.

  4. At Who will be part of this event type, add new hosts via name or email or select Remove to remove hosts from participating in the shared event.

  5. Select Update.

Note: Next to the Edit hosts and Remove me links, there is a tag where you can see who last edited the shared the event type.


Sharing the link to a shared event type scheduling page

Shared event types do not appear on your landing page. To share your shared event type with invitees, locate the event scheduling page link for the shared event type.


Customizing scheduling pages across your entire organization

Add a logo to your scheduling pages by Customizing your scheduling pages. Upload your logo and select Enforce this display for all users so that everyone on your team has the same logo on their scheduling pages.

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