Exploring your Home page


After logging in to your account, you’ll land on your account's Home page. From here, you can edit or share your event types, add your embedded scheduling page onto your website, see your upcoming meetings, and more.


Exploring your Home page, My Calendly drop down menu.gif

Under the default My Calendly view, you’ll see your personal event types and any scheduled events that you are participating in. Members of an organization can see event types for one or all teams by expanding the drop-down menu next to My Calendly and updating the view. Team Owners and Admin will also be able to see the event types of each user within their organization.


Once you’ve selected your preferred view, choose one of the page tabs from the left side of the screen depending on your goal:

Event Types

 An Event Type is a type of meeting defined by rules you set, such as location, duration, number of invitees, and more. You can customize individual event types to suit the purpose of the meetings you would like to host, as well as your availability. View your event types on the Home page by clicking on the Event Types tab.

Invitees will view these event types in the same order that they are listed on your Home page. Click and drag the event types to rearrange the order on your Home page and your general scheduling page. 

 Use the Filter field at the top to refine the list of event types you see. Click on one to open the event's availability settings, where you determine when invitees can schedule this event and what the experience will be when they do. The Share button in the bottom right is where you can send your link, copy times to an email, or find the event's embed code. You can preview the scheduling page or book on behalf of an invitee by clicking the Copy Link button in the bottom left corner of the event type.


Open the gear menu on an event type for even more options:


Customize this event type’s settings, including the title, duration, availability, and buffers. Add custom questions for invitees to answer when scheduling with you and control the notifications they receive. Set up a payment integration to accept fees when a meeting is booked, or add your website’s link to redirect invitees once the event has been confirmed.

Add Internal Note

Include a note or description on this event type that can only be seen by you and users within your Calendly organization. These notes can clarify which links prefer for different meetings, remind you which event types accept payments, or which have extended hours of availability.


Clone this event type to generate a copy that will include any customizations you’ve made to the settings. Create a clone, then update the name and any other settings you’d like without having to recreate the specific availability rules you've set.


Edit Permissions

Decide which users are able to View, Edit, and Own this event.

NOTE: this is available accounts on a Calendly paid plan.

Activity Report

Team event types give the option to download an activity report as a CSV file. Check how often users are being booked, how many events have been scheduled, and how many are upcoming.


Permanently remove this event type and its settings from your account. Any events scheduled before deletion will remain unchanged unless you cancel them from your Scheduled Events tab.


Turning this event type on will allow it to appear on your scheduling page for invitees to book. Anyone with the event type link will be able to schedule this meeting if there are time slots available. Switch this setting off to remove the event type from your page completely, disabling the link for visitors. Users on our Paid plans can enable an unlimited amount of event types.

Scheduled Events

After an invitee schedules with you, the details are added to your Home page under the Scheduled Events tab. To locate specific events, sort your events list by Upcoming, Past, or select a Date Range. Use the filters to refine your search further by the team, event type name, whether it’s active or was canceled, or by a tracking ID. 


Once the list is filtered to your liking, select Export to download a ZIP file of the events' information, including:

 User Name
Invitee Name
Invitee First Name
Invitee Last Name
Invitee Email
Invitee Time Zone
Text Reminder Number
Event Type Name
Start Date & Time
End Date & Time
Event Created Date & Time
Cancellation reason
UTM Campaign
UTM Source
UTM Medium
UTM Term
UTM Content
Salesforce UUID
Event Price
Payment Currency
Guest Email(s)

Clicking on a scheduled event will expand the details and show editing options. Using the Cancel and Reschedule buttons will trigger a notification to your invitees informing them of the changes you’ve made. To edit the corresponding event type that will impact any future bookings, click Edit Event Type.

View scheduled events similar to the one you’ve selected by clicking Filter by Event Type. If you know your invitee’s availability and would like to schedule on their behalf, click Schedule Invitee Again to go through the booking flow. Their information will be pre-populated in the form to expedite the booking process.


If an invitee schedules a meeting using an incorrect email address, locate the event and click the edit icon next to Email within the details. After entering the correct information, confirm the update to trigger a notification to the new address that will contain the event details.
Within a scheduled event's details, you can also add meeting notes! These are notes that only the meeting host can see, and are made on a per-event and per-invitee basis.
Sent Workflows also appear here.Screen_Shot_2022-03-22_at_4.32.28_PM.png


Calendly's Workflows feature helps you automate portions of your booking timeline. Whether it is sending a thank you email, a text message reminder, or even asking an invitee to reconfirm thier attendance, there's a Workflow for it!

If you have never created a workflow before, you will be presented with template options you can use to create one. You can also make your own using the Create your own workflow button.

Add a new workflow view.png

If you have created workflows already, you will see a table of created workflows and their associated event types. There is also a + New Workflow button to make more!



This page will display any existing routing forms, and provide you the option to create new ones. Click here for more information on Calendly's routing functionality.

NOTE: this feature is only available for Teams and Enterprise users.


This will display your personal analytics dashboard (if you are a user) or the analytics for the entire organization (if you are an owner or admin). Click here for more information on Calendly's analytics dashboard.