Using Calendly for onboarding, training, and support

Using Calendly for onboarding, training, and support

Calendly ensures clients get the training and support they need, while freeing your client services team from reactive email and phone tag. Check out some of the most popular ways to do this:

Handoff from sales

  • Add your Calendly link to your welcome email, so a new client can schedule their initial onboarding call immediately.
  • Want to match a new client with any available customer success rep? Calendly can assign meetings round robin or by your preferred priority. Meetings can continue to be scheduled during any given time slot until no more reps are available at that time. 
  • Let a client select a specific team member from one convenient link. 
  • Add your web conference details to Calendly, so they automatically appear in calendar invites.

Onboarding and training

  • Create a separate event type for each stage of the onboarding & training process (e.g., "Welcome call," "Account setup," "Quarterly check-in"). Guide a new client through the process by sharing the direct link to each appropriate event type as onboarding proceeds.
  • Use group event types to host webinars, training sessions, or group onboarding calls for clients with similar needs.
  • Add your web conference details to Calendly so they automatically appear in calendar invites.
  • Customize confirmation and reminder emails for each event type to include essential details and links to important files. Clients will have everything they need automatically—without you having to copy, paste, and manually email each person.

Ongoing support

  • Embed Calendly in your support portal, so clients can schedule time with a rep without ever leaving your site.
  • Make your link easy for customers to find in an email thread by adding it to your signature:
  • For meetings involving multiple team members (e.g., a customer success rep and an engineer), use collective scheduling to loop in the right people. Calendly will only display start times that work for everyone, and will publish the new event to one team member's calendar automatically, adding all other team members as guests.