Multi-person scheduling options for teams

Once you set up a team page,  add event types for invitees to choose from. Whether your goal is to host a webinar for multiple guests or to allow meetings with more than one member of your team, Calendly has an event type that will suit your scheduling needs.

Multi-person event types

Round Robin

Create a round robin event to allow invitees to select a time with any available team member. You can choose to distribute events among team members evenly or by priority.

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Use collective scheduling to pool team members' availability. Only show invitees times when all team members are available. When an invitee schedules, all team members are added to the calendar event.

Collective event types are ideal when an invitee needs to book time with several of your team members at one time. For example, a collective event would be great when a customer wants to schedule a technical support call with a customer support rep and an engineer on your team. 

 A collective event will pool team members' availability and only show invitees times when all hosts are available. All hosts must be available in order for a time slot to show on the booking page. If any host is not available when the other hosts are, that time slot will not show as available. When an invitee schedules, all hosts are added to the calendar event. 


Calendly's group event feature lets multiple invitees reserve a spot for the same event. Set the invitee limit and assign one of your team members to lead, whether it's a class, webinar, or lecture.


You can also choose to display remaining spots so invitees can see the number of spots left for each time slot on the event booking page.

Note: once an invitee books a meeting using a group event type, the duration for that event type is locked and cannot be updated. To update the duration, we suggest cloning the event type or creating a new event type and setting the duration.

Create a team to share event types and scheduling pages

To save time setting up and managing events and to standardize how they're set up, share event types and scheduling pages with a team.
You can be a member of multiple teams and also keep your personal Calendly event types. You'll see both types of events on your Calendly home and Scheduled Events pages.
For each team you participate in, you'll share a team landing page where invitees view and book team events. You'll still have your personal landing page where invitees can book only with you.

Work with anyone in your organization with shared event types

For quicker collaboration, create a shared event type outside of a team.
Once you create a shared event type, it will appear your individual event types so you can find and reuse it. Once a shared event type has been booked, you can view it within Scheduled Events.
Since shared event types don’t appear on your landing page, share event type links with your invitees to book meetings with your shared event types.

When to use a team event type vs. a shared event type

Team event types...
  • are best used for supervised and standardized event types
  • can only be created and edited by admins, or team manager(s) on the specific team
  • are not shown on a personal landing page
  • are shown on a team landing page where invitees can choose which event they'd like to book
  • have customizable links
  • can be set to a specific time zone
  • are best for collaboration with anyone in your organization
  • can be created by anyone (unless restricted by an owner or admin within the Privacy and Security settings)
  • can be edited by owners, admins, and/or the hosts of the event type
  • do not show up on personal or team landing pages (an event type scheduling page can be shared with an invitee to book a shared event type)
  • do not have customizable links
  • will default to the account owner's time zone

See the table below to view the differences between shared event types and team event types:

  Shared event types Team event types
Best used for... Quick unrestricted collaboration. Supervised and standardized event types.
Who can create it? Anyone (unless it is restricted by an  organization owner or admin) Owners, admins, and team managers on the specific team
Who can edit it? Owners, admins, and the hosts of the event type Owners, admins, and team managers on the specific team
Who can add or remove hosts? Owners, admins, and the hosts of the event type Owners, admins, and team managers on the specific team
Does the event type show up on my personal or team landing page? No Only on a team landing page.
Is the link customizable? No Yes


Specify when your hosts are available

To set your hosts' availability, follow the How to set host availability for multi-person scheduling procedure. 

If you're using the same availability for another event type within a team, you can save time by selecting Copy availability from... within the Scheduling settings section of your event type. Select the event type you'd like to copy availability from, and it will automatically populate.