How to customize your event types

In this article we will walk you through your event type settings and the changes that can be made within them. 

Before you start

  • Managed event types will have different settings and restrictions that can be edited. If you are looking to edit/customize an admin managed event type, please review this article.
  • Due to our booking logic, Calendly is unable to facilitate changing an event from one type to another (one-on-one to group, collective to group, etc.). If you wish to make a new event type, you will need to create a new event.
  • If you are looking to edit/customize your events types from within our Calendly mobile application, we recommend reviewing these mobile specific articles.

Where to edit an event type

To open your event editor:

  1. Select the gear icon for your chosen event type.
  2. Select Edit.

Event type editor sections

When creating Calendly event types, you are creating a set of parameters for when you want to book your meetings. Within our event type editor, there are 5 different sections that can be customized to ensure you book your meetings as desired. These sections are:

1. Event details
This section of your event editor is where you can change the following settings:

  • Event name
    • Assign what you would like your event to be called.
      Event Name Image.png

  • Event color
    • Categorize your events within Calendly by color.

  • Event duration
    • Designate how long your event will be (event runtime).
      Event Duration Image.png
  • Event location
    • Choose where you would like your event to take place (virtually or in person).
      Event Location Image.png

  • Team member location
    • Assign locations to each of your team members for team event types.
      ETR - MUE location assignment.png

  • Event description/Instructions
    • Add an event description to let your invitees know what type of event they will be scheduling with you.
      ETR - Event details set up.png

2. Hosts and invitees
This section of your event editor is where you can review hosts that are assigned to an event, allow the option for invitees to add guests and dictate how you want team event hosts to be scheduled. Here you can edit:

  • Hosts for the event
    • Review who the host is for an event type.
      ETR - Hosts solo.png

  • Team members assigned as hosts
    • Confirm who on your team is assigned as a host for team event types.
      ETR - Hosts In depth edit.png

  • Round Robin distribution method/settings
    • Pick how you want your events distributed between your hosts for Round Robin events.
      ETR - RR distribution edit.png

  • Invitee add guests setting
    • Determine whether or not you would like to allow your invitees to add additional guests.
      ETR - Invitees edit.png

3. Scheduling Settings
In this section of your event editor you can adjust how your scheduling link availability appears. Here you can edit:

  • Date range
    • Control the range of dates that appear for scheduling on your scheduling link.
      ETR - Date Range Visual.png

  • Event specific availability
    • Adjust your availability for your specific event type.
      ETR - Available Hours in scheduling settings.png

  • Buffers
    • Designate extra time that can be appended before and/or after a Calendly event.
      ETR - Buffer Edit.png

  • Minimum notice
    • Set a specific amount of time that is required to be notified before an event takes place. If you like setting up a 24hr notice, this is the setting for you.
      ETR - Minimum Notice Edit.png

  • Daily limit 
    • Limit the number of times a particular event type can be scheduled per day.
      ETR - Daily Limit Edit.png

  • Time zone display
    • Calendly will automatically detect the time zone of invitees when they visit your booking page so they do not need to adjust it themselves. However, you do have the option to lock the timezone for your event which we do recommend for in-person events.
      ETR - Time Zone Display Edit.png

  • Start time increments
    • Control how available start times appear on your booking page. For example, if this setting is set to 20 mins., the time slots that appear within your booking page would be 1:00, 1:20, 1:40, etc.
      ETR - Start Time Increments Editing.png
4. Booking page options
This section of your event editor is where you can adjust how your booking page appears for your invitees. Here you can edit:

  • Event specific link (URL)
    • Edit your event URL.
      ETR - Event link.png

  • Invitee questions
    • Collect additional information from your invitees by asking invitee questions. Review this article for more details about set up and question options.
      ETR - Invitee Q's edit.png

  • Payment collection
    • Set up your events to collect payments prior to scheduling with our Stripe/PayPal integrations. 
      ETR - Collect Payment select.png

  • Confirmation page options
    • Make changes to the booking confirmation page that invitees see once they have scheduled an event.
      ETR - Confirmation Page.png

5. Communications
This section of your event editor is where you can edit and adjust automatic communications that are set up for your event. Here you can edit the following settings:

  • Email confirmations & Calendar invitations
    • Determine the type of notification that is sent when a new event is booked! The two types of new event notifications include email confirmations and calendar invitations.  

  • Email reminders
    • Designate times to send out email reminders for your event.

  • Text reminders
    • Set text reminders to be sent to your invitees.

  • Email follow-up
    • Automate email follow-ups to be sent to your invitees after an event has taken place.

  • Workflows 
    • Review which workflows are active for a given event type.
      ETR - Advanced notifications (workflows) visual.png

Once you have these parameters defined & customized, your event is ready to share!

Additional event settings

Event Language Event Permissions Make an Event Secret

This selection determines which language is presented to the invitee when they visit your booking page. Calendly has native translations for:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portugese
  • Ukrainian

To change the language:

  1. Choose the desired from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Update.

You booking page will immediately reflect the changes.

NOTE: Custom text in certain fields will need to be adjusted manually.

NOTE: Calendly's booking pages can also be read by translators built into web browsers like Google, but these are not natively built by Calendly.

Change Calendly Event Language.gif