How to create working hours with Calendly schedules

By default, Calendly will take the availability from your connected calendar into account. You can also set up available hours within Calendly to further define when people can schedule with you. From the Availability page, you can set up your available hours by creating a schedule. Whenever you update a schedule, your new hours will automatically sync over to your event types that use your schedule.

How to edit your schedule

  1. Select Availability from the drop-down menu from your profile picture. 
  2. Select the checkbox next to the days you're available. De-select the days you're unavailable. 

  3. In the boxes, select the start and end times you’re available each day. 

  4. To add multiple intervals (time frames), select the + and enter the times you’re available. 

    • Multiple intervals are useful to ensure that you won't be booked when you are eating lunch, at the gym, or taking a break during the day. (e.g. Create an interval from 9:00-11:30 am and then create a second interval from 1:00-5:00 pm to accommodate for a lunch break.)
  5. To delete an interval select the trashcan icon. 
  6. If your available hours are recurring, select the copy icon and select the checkbox next to the days you wish to copy times to and select Apply. 
  7. Update or add any available hours on specific dates by selecting Add date overrides. 

    • This will let you either add hours to a day otherwise unavailable, edit existing hours, or make yourself unavailable.
    • Adding a date override is useful for when you have exceptions to your weekly hours. (e.g. When you know you will be out of town on a specific date and you won't be available on that date.)

For use cases and best practices for Calendly availability, check out this article.