How to set up a collective shared event

Collective events let you host an event with people in your Calendly organization and let invitees pick a time when you're all available simultaneously. 

Before you begin...

  • To create a shared event type with another person, that person must be a user on your Calendly account. Read more about shared event types here. 

How to create a collective shared event 

  1. On your Calendly Home page, select New Event Type.

  2. Select Create next to the collective event type.

  3. Enter the names or emails of all other hosts for this event type. Select Next.

  4. At What event is this, enter an Event name and optionally a Description for your invitees. Select Next. 

  5. At Hosts & Location, set where the meeting will be held using the Location drop-down menu. 
  6. At When can people book this event, select the preset Duration for the event from the drop-down menu or enter your own. At Date Range, click Edit and select the number of days in the future that invitees can book this type of event.

  7. (Optional) Under Available hours, set the time frame for when you and other hosts are accepting meetings for this type of event. See How to set up host availability for multi-person scheduling for more information. 
    Note: We already block times marked as “busy” on the calendar(s) you and other hosts have  connected to Calendly via the Calendar Connections page. 

  8. (Optional) To set advanced availability settings, select Additional rules for your availability. You can set your Start time increments, event max per day, minimum scheduling notice, and timezone.

  9. Select Next to save your new collective shared event type.

To see your scheduling page for the event type, click view live page.

How to share your collective shared event

  1. From your Home page, locate the Collective shared event you just created and select Share.
  2. Next, choose how to share your link. Select Copy link to make a copy of the link. 


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