To add a logo or remove the Calendly badge on your booking page


Follow these steps to add a company logo to your personal booking pages. Calendly Premium or Pro subscribers can also remove the Calendly badge from their individual scheduling page. To add an avatar (or another image that reflects you), see To add an avatar to your scheduling page.

  1. From the Account menu at the upper right, select Account Settings, then Branding.
  2. To add your logo, click Upload Image, select an image, then click Apply.
    See your image appear in the box.
  3. (Calendly Premium or Pro subscribers only) To remove the Calendly badge, at Calendly Branding, switch the toggle to the left. 

  4. To replace an image, click Update and select another file.
  5. (Organization owner or admins only) To have the organization’s logo display instead of those uploaded by members of the organization, click Enforce this display for all users.
  6. Click Save Changes.


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