Manage your account settings: an overview

To Change Your Billing/Subscription

If you are looking to update/cancel your Calendly subscription, this article here outlines how to do so within your account.

Use the Account drop down button to change the information that displays about you! Here are a few of the customizable options:

Change your Personal Settings 

Your personal settings Profile page contains information about you and your location. At any time you can add or change your:

    • Name
      Displays in Calendly and at the top of scheduling pages.
    • Avatar
      A representation of you that appears on your main scheduling page.
    • Date format
      Determines how dates display.
    • Language
      Displays your Calendly pages in this language. To change the language an event type’s scheduling pages, check out this article!
    • Time zone
      Determines the time zone used in Calendly pages. To change the time zone or an event type’s scheduling pages and emails, check out this article!
    • Delete account
      Use this button to delete your Calendly account. More information on account deletion can be found here.

To change your profile information

      1. At the upper right side of any Calendly page, select the Account drop down menu, then Settings.
      2. Change your name, scheduling page welcome message, language, date format, country or time zone as desired.
      3. Click Save Changes.

To change your Avatar

      1. At the upper right side of any Calendly page, select Account, then Settings.
      2. Click Upload Image.
      3. Select a photo. Your profile avatar must be at least 90px x 90px and less than 5mb in size.
      4. Click Save Changes.

If you wish to edit your existing image, you can click Update, or Remove to delete the image.

To add a logo or remove the Calendly branding on your booking page

      1. From the Account menu at the upper right, select Settings, then Branding.
      2. To add your logo, click Upload Image, select an image, then click Apply.
        See your image appear in the box.
      3. (For users on a Professional or higher plan) To remove the Calendly badge, at Calendly Branding, switch the toggle to the left. 


      4. To replace an image, click Update and select another file.
      5. (Organization owner or admins only) To have the organization’s logo display instead of those uploaded by members of the organization, click Apply this display for all users.
      6. Click Save Changes.

Customize your scheduling page link

You can change the link (URL) to your main scheduling page and the link to event-specific scheduling pages.


When you change the link within your account settings page, previously-shared links for all events will no longer work.

      1. At the upper right side of any Calendly page, click Account, then select Settings.
      2. Click My Link on the left.
      3. Change your link.
      4. Click Save Changes.

Change your login email

      1. At the upper right side of any Calendly page, click Account, then select Settings.
      2. Click Login Preferences on the left.
      3. Click Change login, then select Use another account.
      4. Then enter the email address you want to use to log into Calendly.  

Changing your email won't impact calendars already connected to Calendly. If you need to change your calendar, go to the Calendar Connection page to make changes.

Using an existing email account

When you sign up for Calendly, you will be given the option to set up an SSO log in (through Google, Office 365, Outlook), or to set up an email and password log in. If you choose to continue with logging in through your email provider, you will be prompted to log in using the username and password for that account. This allows you to access your Calendly account using your email log in credentials so you don’t have to create and manage a new password.  

If you don’t wish to use those SSO credentials, create a Calendly username and password at any time from the Password section of Settings. 

For more detailed instructions, look here!


If you're switching email platforms and need to update your Single Sign-on (SSO), check out this article.


Want to customize your booking pages? Check here!