Sharing your scheduling link

Locate your scheduling links

There are 2 types of scheduling links:

  • your landing page link (the page with all of your active event types)
  • your event scheduling page (the scheduling page for a specific event type)

Once you locate your landing page link and your event scheduling page links, you can copy and share them to your invitees.

How to share your scheduling links

To share your link from the Calendly website
  1. To share the link to your:
    • landing page (that lists all events you offer), on the left side of the Calendly home page just below your name, select the link.
    • a specific type of event, on the Calendly home page, find the event you want to share and select Copy Link. You can also find a Share button in the event type editor.Calendly Share Link Buttons.png
  2. Paste the link into a text, email, or other message.
To share your link from the Calendly mobile app
  1. On your mobile home screen, select Share.
  2. (Optional) To create a link that can be used just once, select Make this a single-use link.
  3. Select the method you want to use to share the link: - Email or text (Calendly opens your email or text app and adds the link) - Copy link (Calendly adds the link to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want) - More options (you to choose from apps you have on your phone)
To find and share a link to a specific type of event
  1. On your Calendly Home page, find the event that you want to share.
  2. At the bottom right of the event, select Copy Link.
  3. Once the check mark appears, paste your link into a text or email message.
    1. Note: there is also a Share button accessible while editing an event type.Calendly Share Link Buttons.png

When you share your Calendly link

Your invitees can click it and:
  1. Visit your Calendly landing page lists all the types of event you offer
  2. Choose an event you offer
  3. Then select a date and time to book with you
    Leagl copy on scheduling page image.png


to control the type of event they can book, instead of sending them to your landing page, send them a link to an event scheduling page that shows available times for just that type of event.

Multiple ways to share your link

Share your link from:
  • your email signature
  • the body of an email
  • a text message
  • a link on your website
  • your social media 
  • any other way you communicate with invitees

Control who schedules with you

If you prefer to be more exclusive, share your links only with people you want to meet with. You can also create one-off events that hide the event from your Calendly site.
You can also create and share single-use links to specific events that expire as soon as an invitee books with you. This prevents others from sharing your link so that people you don't want to meet with, can't book with you.
  1. On your Calendly Home page, find the event that you want to share.
  2. At the bottom right of the event tile, select Share.
  3. Select Let this link expire after the first booking.

    Calendly Share your Link Page.png
  4. Select Copy Link.
  5. Paste your link into a message and send to your invitee.


    These single-use links expire after 90 days.

Other ways to share your link

Use Calendly for Chrome or Firefox browser extensions, or the Calendly Mobile app, to make scheduling even smoother. Using these tools, you'll always have easy access to your links.