Calendly Account Settings

In this article we will walk you through your Calendly account settings and the changes that can be made within them.

Calendly Account Settings.png

Before you start

  • If you are looking to make adjustments to your Calendly subscription, you can do so by navigating to the Billing page within your Admin center.

Where to edit your account settings

To open your account settings:

  1. Select the photo/icon in the upper right hand corner of your homepage.
  2. Select Profile.

Account settings sections

Your account settings are used to manage your personal account preferences within Calendly. These settings include:

1. Profile
This section of account settings is where you can change the following:

  • Account photo/icon
    • Upload a photo for your Calendly account.
      GIA_NAV - Profile photo.png

  • Name
    • Assign the name that you would like to appear on your Calendly page and email notifications.
      GIA_NAV - Profile Name.png

  • Welcome Message
    • Add a welcome message for your Calendly page.
      GIA_NAV - Welcome Message.png

  • Account Language
    • Assign a desired language for your Calendly account from our language options.
      • English
      • French
      • Spanish
      • German
      • Portuguese (Brazil)
        GIA_NAV - Account language.png
      • NOTE: This language is for your Calendly account view only. This language will not be applied to your event types.

  • Date Format
    • Select your preferred date format.
      • MM/DD/YYYY
      • DD/MM/YYYY
        GIA_NAV - Date format.png

  • Time Format
    • Select your desired time format.
      • 12 hr (am/pm)
      • 24 hr
        GIA_NAV - Time format.png

  • Country
    • Select your Country.
      GIA_NAV - Account Country.png

  • Time zone
    • Select your account timezone.
      GIA_NAV - Account Time Zone.png
2. Branding
This section of account settings is where you can add a logo for your Calendly account. Here you can edit:

  • Account logo
    • Add a logo to all of your personal Calendly scheduling pages.
      GIA_NAV - Branding Logo edited.png

  • Calendly branding settings
    • Edit Calendly personal branding settings on your account.
      GIA_NAV - Branding Calendly.png

3. My link
In this section of your event editor you can adjust how your scheduling link availability appears. Here you can edit:

  • Calendly URL
    • Create your Calendly URL.
      GIA_NAV - My link.png
4. Phone numbers
This section of your account settings is where you can assign which phone number(s) you want to be used for your event 'host" workflows. Here you can edit:

  • Phone numbers for SMS Workflows 
    • Add the phone number(s) you would like to be used in any text to host workflows you create. NOTE: SMS Workflows are only available on paid plans.
      Calendly Account Settings Phone Number.png
5. Login preferences
This section of your account settings is where you can make changes to your Calendly login method and email address. Here you can edit the following settings:

  • Login preferences
    • Determine how you login to your Calendly account and which email you use.  

      Calendly Account Settings Login Email.png

Once you have these sections above customized, your Calendly account settings have been completed!

Account level availability

Default Hours Holidays Calendar Sync (Connections)

Default hours 

Default hours are a simplified way to set availability for all event types at the account level. When you signed up for Calendly, you specified weekly days and hours you're typically available. Calendly uses that availability, in addition to "busy" events on your connected calendar, to determine when you're available or unavailable to host meetings.

You can specify your Default hours to indicate specific weekdays and hourly increments you are looking to schedule meetings. 

Default Hours image.png

If you are wanting to create a more customized availability schedule you also have the option to create date specific hours within your event types.