Set up a team page

Once you invite at least one member to your account, you can designate other members to be administrators. Administrators (admins) for the organization can:

  • add and remove members
  • add, edit, and remove event types from users' accounts
  • create team pages that contain team event types
  • designate team managers
  • monitor the account and individual member's scheduled events

    Sales Team Page View.png

Use team pages to organize and manage team events

When you create team pages you also get a unique team scheduling page and link. Team managers can create, view, and delete all scheduled team events and event types. 
Creating team pages also allows you to distribute new events to team members round robin, let invitees meet with multiple team members at once, or let invitees choose which team member to meet with.

How to set up a team

  1. From any Calendly page, select your My Calendly drop down menu, then select + New team.
    My Calendly drop down menu.png
  2. Enter the Team Name (this will appear on your team scheduling page).
  3. Optional: Update the Team Page link and Welcome Message.
  4. At Team Members, type the member's name and select. Repeat for each team member.
  5. At Can manage team, select the team manager. Note that admins will already be selected as team managers. Users granted permission to manage a team will be able to create and manage event types that appear on a team page, and add or remove members within the team.
  6. Optional: Upload a Team Avatar. This will be the image that shows on your team scheduling page.
  7. To change the time zone for your team, at Time Zone, select the box and find the correct time zone your team schedules in.
  8. Select Create.

Note: To view your teams, groups, and users, use the My Calendly drop-down arrow on your Home page