Reconfirm booked events with Workflows

Reduce no-shows when you use Workflows to send an automated message to your invitees requesting they confirm attendance to events you host.


To confirm attendance, invitees can select the confirmation button located in the email or select the confirmation link located in the text message.



Booked events with confirmed invitees will show up on the Calendly Home page under the Scheduled Events tab. For confirmed one-on-one events, Invitee Confirmed will show up under the time of the event.


For each confirmed spot in a group event, it will show up next to the name of the invitee. So you can quickly glance and know how many confirmed invitees are attending your group event, a running tally will be shown next to Invitees.

You will also be notified of reconfirmations by email!Reconfirmation_Testing_reconfirmed_attendance_for_30_Minute_Meeting_on_August_20__2021_-_adamcalendlytestgmail.com_-_Gmail_2021-08-17_11-15-58.png