Create One-off Meetings with the Calendly Outlook Add-in

Create a one-off event invitation that can only be booked once, giving you more flexibility for scheduling on the fly. For additional information about one-off events, check out this Help Center article: One-off Meetings 

To create a new One-off Meeting using the Calendly Outlook Add-in, follow these steps: 

1. While drafting a new email, select the Calendly icon from your Outlook toolbar to open the Calendly for Outlook Add-in.

2. Select Create.

3. Then select New One-off Meeting.

4. Specify the duration and location of the event, then select the time slots you would like to offer.

From there, you can insert a link or add times to your email. 

Manage pending one-off invitations

You can manage your pending one-off invitations using the add-in. Access the Scheduled Events page at any time using the drop-down menu next to the Calendly icon. Select View Scheduled Events to open your Scheduled Events page in a new window. From there, use the Pending tab at the top of the page to view and edit any pending invitations.