Canceling and/or deleting your account


If you are a new Calendly user, you are given a two week trial of our Teams plan. At the end of this trial, you will Automatically be downgraded to our free plan. No action is needed to move from the Teams trial to a free plan

If you thinking about cancelling your Calendly subscription on your renewal date, there are three options you can take:

  1. Change to a different paid subscription: at the end of your billing cycle, we will downgrade your subscription to the plan of your choice (e.g., teams to standard). You will retain your previous plans features until the downgrade date. This action can be undone.
  2. Cancel your paid subscription: at the end of your billing cycle, we will downgrade your subscription to Calendly's free plan. You won't be billed anymore but you can keep scheduling. This action can be undone. 
    • NOTE: With a free plan, you will be able to use Calendly with only 1 connected calendar and use 1 event type.
    • upgrade

      From your billing page:

      1. Select Change plan, then Upgrade or Downgrade.
      2. From here, choose the plan that best suits your scheduling needs. 
  3. Delete your subscription: you'll no longer be billed and all information related to your account is permanently deleted. Deleting your subscription cannot be undone.

How to delete your account 

Use this procedure to delete your Calendly account and all information related to it. This cannot be undone. To keep your information so you can continue using Calendly later, downgrade your account instead. 

    1. In Calendly, select Account, then select Account Settings.
    2. From the Profile page, scroll down and select Delete Account.
    3. You will have three options to choose from in order to delete your account:
      • Transfer ownership and delete my account: Before you can delete your account, you must transfer ownership to another team member so they can manage the organization. All users are selectable for ownership.
      • Keep my account and leave organization: If you don’t want to delete your account, you can transfer ownership and leave the organization.
      • Delete my account and disband the organization: If you don’t want to transfer ownership, you can delete your account and disband the organization.
    4. If you selected to transfer ownership or leave the organization, choose a user to become the new owner.
    5. Choose a reason for deleting your account from the drop-down menu.
    6. Select Delete.