Use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID for meetings

When you schedule a Calendly meeting with Zoom, Zoom will generate a unique meeting link for each Calendly meeting. If you'd prefer to use the same Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for your meetings, you'll want to follow the steps below to enable PMI in your Zoom settings. 

How to use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID for meetings

  1. In Zoom, log in and go to your Zoom account settings
  2. Under Schedule Meeting, locate Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting, and turn on the setting.

For more details on enabling this, consult Zoom's Using Personal Meeting ID (PMI).

After you enable PMI in Zoom

Once you enable PMI in your Zoom account, your Calendly meetings will use the same Zoom link.

NOTE: if you tend to host back-to-back Calendly meetings, there's a chance that participants from two separate calls may pop in to the same Zoom call. To prevent this, consider setting up a waiting room in Zoom.