An overview of groups

Getting started Setting up a group Managing group members


As an account owner or admin, you can place members of your organization into groups.

You can use groups to:

  • segment users based on department, job function, or location
  • delegate control to 'group admins' to manage and report on their group
  • view scheduled events and activity by group

To create a group, view Create a group.

Group admins

Group admins can manage and report on members in their group, without needing full admin permissions to organization-level settings. In addition, group admins can create routing forms and manage their members without seeing or affecting other groups.

To create a group admin, view Change the role of a group member.

Note: A group can have multiple group admins, but they cannot be in more than one group at a time.

Group reporting

With group reporting, you can export a report to track:
  • who has activated their account
  • whose invitation is still pending
  • the total number of events scheduled by a member since joining Calendly
  • the day of the last meeting scheduled
  • the total number of meetings scheduled in last 30 days

To export a group report, view Export a list of group members.