An overview of groups

Groups are available on the Enterprise plan. Please reach out to your Account Executive or Calendly Sales to learn more.
Getting started Setting up a group Managing group members

As an account owner or admin, Calendly allows you to group members of your organization. Use groups to:

  • segment users based on department, job function, or location
  • delegate responsibility of user management and reporting without granting full admin permissions
  • view scheduled events and activity by group

Group admins

You can delegate control of groups to 'group admins,' so managers in your company can focus on the goals for their department without needing access to organization-level settings. Group admins can manage the members of their group without seeing or affecting other groups.

Note: Members can only be in one group, but a group can have multiple group admins.

Group reporting

Get a better look into groups with group reporting. Export a group report to track:
  • who in the group has activated their account
  • whose invitation is still pending
  • total events scheduled by a member since joining Calendly
  • the day of the last meeting scheduled
  • the total meetings scheduled in last 30 days
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