How to share your link from the mobile app

Before you begin…

Your default message (pre-written message) will automatically be attached to your link when sharing your link via email or text. If needed, edit your default message before following this procedure.

How to share your link 

  1. From the mobile homepage, locate the event type you would like to share.

  2. Select Share.

  3. Select the checkbox next to Make this a single-use link if you would like to make this a single-use link. A single-use link generates a custom URL that can only be used once. Read more about single-use links here

  4. After selecting Share, you can:

    • send your link in an email,

    • send your link in a text,

    • copy the link to paste somewhere,

    • or view create a QR code.  


  5. From Create QR, select Share QR code or Save as image to save the code to your phone's camera roll for later use. 
  6. Select More options to view what other sharing options you have on your mobile device.