Securing your Zoom video conference with a unique password

To secure events you book using Calendly where the location is a Zoom video teleconference, you can have Calendly insert a unique Zoom password into the invitation your invitees use to join the event. Each meeting has a unique password that can't be used in later meetings.

Before you begin:

To prevent unwanted access to your events, Zoom requires users with free (basic) accounts to validate by associating a credit card number with their Zoom account. The card you provide won't be used for billing purposes, it's only used to verify that you are you.

How to add a unique password to your Zoom events

IMPORTANT NOTE: if your free account is managed by an organization, contact your account administrator who will need to enable passwords and lock the setting for the organization.

  1. Go to, and log into your account.
  2. On the upper-right side of the page, click your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. On the left side of the page select Account Management.
  4. Select Billing, then Billing Information, enter your name, address, and credit card information, then select Save.
  5. Select Account Settings.
  6. Turn on Require a password when scheduling new meetings.
  7. If a lock icon appears on the right, select it as well to lock in the settings. 
  8. If you also want to require passwords for your personal meeting ID (PMI), select Require a password for Personal Meeting ID then click the lock icon on the right of that option.
  9. Select Save Changes.


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