Create a new event type

Event types are templates that define types of events you offer  

For each type of event you can specify the:

  • name, duration, and location
  • times you're typically available (e.g. your working hours) or unavailable (such as lunchtime and weekends) 
  • when events can start (such as every 30 minutes)
  • number of events allowed daily
  • amount of time before an event that guests can schedule
  • amount of extra time before or after an event (buffers) you can use to prepare or wrap up

Guest invite with meeting application button

Before you begin you should know...

  • If you plan to use an online meeting application, such as Zoom or GoTo Meeting, integrate it with Calendly so your guests can join from their calendar invitation (see Integrations information for instructions).
  • If you have a paid Calendly subscription, you can create as many event types as you want.


To create a new event type

  1. From the Calendly home page, select New Event Type.Screenshot_2021-05-24_094402.png
  2. Choose the type of event:
    - One on one (just you and another person)
    - Group (multiple people can select the same time slot)
    - Collective (an event you host with another person and let invitees pick from times when you’re all available)
    - Round Robin (an event that cycles between multiple hosts)
    Note: once you create a one-to-one event type, you won't be able to convert it to a round robin or collective event (and vice versa).
  3. At Event name, enter a name for the event.
    The name appears on your personal scheduling page.
  4. At Location, indicate where the meeting will be held, then click Next.
  5. At Event Duration, choose the length of the event.
  6. At Date Range, indicate how far into the future guests can book with you.
  7. Screen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_10.50.45_AM.pngTo specify when you're available, select a date then:
    - Enter the hours you're typically available
    - To specify 2 or more blocks of time, select New Interval and enter the beginning and ending times
    - To block an entire day, select I'm not available 
  8. To use the same settings for:
    - The same day of the week each week, select Apply to all...
    - Specific dates, select Or apply to multiple..., select specific dates, choose days on the calendar, then select Apply.
    - Various week days, select repeating days of the week, select the days, then select Apply.
  9. Select Next.